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Spenser Hicks

This was definitely the most extensive and therefore the most challenging assignment thus far. There was a lot to think about before delving into this and I really think I learned a lot about planning and designing a whole newsletter for an organization.

I first planned out the colors I was going to use and that was pretty easy seeing as Sigma Chi goes with colors blues, old gold and black to represent them. I wanted to use these colors throughout but in different ways to show some contrast. I put the colors in different places on each page in order to get this effect.

The design is pretty simple overall but I think it gets the message across well. Fraternity brothers are not going to want some flashing design that might come off to “girly” to them. They want something simple that tells them what they need to know about the chapter and I think that’s exactly what this does.

I decided on articles that would be relevant to the active brothers by being stuff that they would actually care about such as rush and date party information. I think it is well organized and has a good flow throughout the whole document. It wasn’t easy but I think I managed to capture the simplicity the organization would want as well as correctly use repetition and contrast of color. This was a very interesting and challenging assignment that I learned a lot from. I have started to better develop my use of design and many of the elements such as contrast and

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Assignment 3- Newsletter

This assignment in my PR Publications class was to make a Newsletter for a certain organization. I chose to use the non profit I am an intern for again, like I did with my business card and letterhead.

Since City Care is a non profit I really felt like they would benefit from a donor newsletter, but not enough big things happen every month so I decided to make it an annual one. It would be just a nice reminder of what their donations did through out the year and serve as a reminder to donate again at the start of the next one.

Here is the design I created:

Newsletter Newsletter2 Newsletter3 Newsletter4


With this design I wanted to put in the city scape that is in the City Care logo to keep up the repetition so all of their documents look and feel the same. I kept it simple with a navy blue box at the top to off set all the white and keep the color scheme the same with the city scape. I also repeated it in the pull quote box so that it stood out more.

I chose to only break up one story so that the newsletter would be easy to read and the reader wouldn’t have to flip back and forth. I also have two shorter stories so that the newsletter didn’t feel like it would be a marathon just to read through it.

I was pretty limited with the pictures and people I could use because there are privacy laws when dealing with people that are receiving government or nonprofit help. But all the ones I used are approved. I was lucky that all my pictures went with the stories I wrote.

The hardest par for me with this assignment was all the writing. I couldn’t decide where I wanted all the stories or how I wanted them to flow. It took so tweaking here and there but i think the newsletter is very readable. My call to action is on the last page where I ask readers to follow us on social media. Since I am the social media intern and City Care is new to the social media world it is important that we build our following right now.

All in all I am happy with the way this assignment turned out. I learned a lot about working with text in this assignment, which I have always struggled with in inDesign.

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News News News

Hello all, I have been working on another InDesign project, a newsletter for The Wire, my student radio station. I just so happen to be a DJ  on The Wire so this was something I am very informed and excited to share. The photographs, articles and design I did myself. To begin this newsletter I […]

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DU Spring Newsletter


Hey everyone,

Out of all the assignments I have done so far in my PR Publications class this has been my favorite. I feel like I am starting to understand InDesign better and I am beginning to enjoy working with it. I even downloaded the trial version to my computer so I could use it for other things. I felt like the stories were easy for me to write because I had key parts in all of them and they were about my organization, Delta Upsilon. For my stories I decided to write about Sooner Scandals, The awards banquet coming up and the IHQ internship that DU offers. My target audience is our alumni and active members of the Oklahoma Chapter with maybe a few views from other chapter/IHQ. I did a couple interviews and used several quotes to make it more personal for my audience hearing accounts from people like them.  For the design process I used blue and gold stripes, because they are DU’s colors and I also incorporated our four founding principles into the first page. I used the Delta Upsilon emblem in the header and decided to name the newsletter “The Quarterly- Oklahoma Chapter.” Our international newsletter is called the quarterly and it is published four times a year; however, we do not really have a newsletter for the Oklahoma Chapter. During capital campaigns they send out newsletters twice per year, but they are more geared towards raising money and for alumni. That letter is called the Sooner DU.  In the background of the newsletter I faded out a picture of burnt paper and then put the DU crest in the center faded out to make it have a unique newsletter4 pub newsletter3 pub newsletter2 pub newsletter

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Assignment 3: Newsletter

Upon starting this project, I was really nervous. Four pages seemed like a lot, especially to construct a newsletter and the stories to fill it from scratch. I knew from the beginning of the project I was going to be on a time crunch since I was going out of town, so that kind of added to the stressful nature. When I really got into the work, however, it all just kind of fell together.


I knew I wanted to continue on my NBC Universal theme, which meant I could reuse some of my previous work with the letterhead and business card, so that relieved me of some work. This time around, however, I wanted to focus on the campus side of things, since this is what I do for NBCUni. I started brainstorming and realized that a newsletter about things NBC/Campus Universal are doing in the industry and on campus would be a good idea. I wanted to create something specific enough that I could for see myself passing out around OU’s campus, but general enough that all other campuses could use it as well.

Once I had the base concept, the stories almost wrote themselves. I knew what my boss had me working on over the past month, so I just converted those things into newsletter form. I was worried about pictures, but, luckily I already had a ZIP file of pictures for media use on hand. The real tricky part came with the formatting.

The stories were written, but too long. This is to be expected, but I was a little rusty on cutting down stories. Not to mention the spacing and word placement had to be specific and with a purpose. Measurements had to be exact, and that is where the real trouble started. I think I sat on my computer for an hour adjusting picture and column sizes, adding and deleting words, raising and lowering font size – at one point I thought I was never going to reach a perfect fit.

In the end, the entire project was really enlightening. I felt like I had a better hand on InDesign this time around than the first two times; it is no longer a secret language that everyone can read except for me. I still have a lot of work to go, but this assignment was a huge stepping stone. AND I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out as well.

Newsletter Newsletter2 Newsletter3 Newsletter4

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Assignment 3

Front page of Newsletter (cropped for this site)

Front page of Newsletter (cropped for this site)

Real newsletter2


2nd page of Newsletter (cropped to fit this site)

3rd page of Newsletter (cropped to fit this site)

3rd page of Newsletter (cropped to fit this site)

4th page of Newsletter (cropped to fit this site)

4th page of Newsletter (cropped to fit this site)

This assignment was way more time consuming as compared to the first two. But, once I finished I felt great about all of the hard work I put in. I feel as though I have really improved on Indesign when it comes to my design concepts. I am more confident in my color choices and where I am placing certain objects. I wanted to make sure my newsletter was easy to read while also catching the reader’s attention.

I was proud of the three 500-word stories I had written, and it was a little frustrating figuring out ways to cut them down once I embedded them into the newsletter. I had to focus on what my main point of the story was and go from there. In the end, this was my favorite assignment. I loved having a lot of space to design a newsletter for something I am very passionate about.


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