Assignment 1 Reflection

Letterhead sooner housing

Back of card: Business Card back side


Front of card:  Business Card front

This first assignment was much more challenging than I would have ever imagined. The software was actually surprisingly easy to get the hang of but I have so much more respect for web designers now that I see how difficult it is. I made a business card and letterhead for the Sooner Housing and Food department here at the university. I believe I reflected the brand of the university well enough by using the correct crimson color that students here value as well as using graphics that students here would recognize such as the pictures of the dorms. The target recipient of the card is freshmen who are new to the dorms. These freshmen may need assistance whether it be questions about upcoming events or just genera questions about the university. The card gives them contact information of someone that can help them with those problems and even provides them with a map just incase they are living in the student apartments farther away. It was designed for super new students to the university to be as simple as possible in order for freshmen to get their questions answered in a timely and efficient manner. I tried to use the correct repetition of the color as well as images of the dorms to remind freshmen that this is the person to contact with any questions regarding dorm or university questions. To start I just started messing around with different alignments until I found one that was aesthetically pleasing. It was rather difficult to get good quality images. I contacted student housing for the Housing and Food logo that is on the card as well as the letterhead. They said the image was the highest quality one they had but it is severally lacking in quality and in turn makes the final product look tainted. Overall it was a great learning experience and a good first step in my design practice.

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