Assignment 3: Newsletter

Upon starting this project, I was really nervous. Four pages seemed like a lot, especially to construct a newsletter and the stories to fill it from scratch. I knew from the beginning of the project I was going to be on a time crunch since I was going out of town, so that kind of added to the stressful nature. When I really got into the work, however, it all just kind of fell together.


I knew I wanted to continue on my NBC Universal theme, which meant I could reuse some of my previous work with the letterhead and business card, so that relieved me of some work. This time around, however, I wanted to focus on the campus side of things, since this is what I do for NBCUni. I started brainstorming and realized that a newsletter about things NBC/Campus Universal are doing in the industry and on campus would be a good idea. I wanted to create something specific enough that I could for see myself passing out around OU’s campus, but general enough that all other campuses could use it as well.

Once I had the base concept, the stories almost wrote themselves. I knew what my boss had me working on over the past month, so I just converted those things into newsletter form. I was worried about pictures, but, luckily I already had a ZIP file of pictures for media use on hand. The real tricky part came with the formatting.

The stories were written, but too long. This is to be expected, but I was a little rusty on cutting down stories. Not to mention the spacing and word placement had to be specific and with a purpose. Measurements had to be exact, and that is where the real trouble started. I think I sat on my computer for an hour adjusting picture and column sizes, adding and deleting words, raising and lowering font size – at one point I thought I was never going to reach a perfect fit.

In the end, the entire project was really enlightening. I felt like I had a better hand on InDesign this time around than the first two times; it is no longer a secret language that everyone can read except for me. I still have a lot of work to go, but this assignment was a huge stepping stone. AND I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out as well.

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