Assignment 3- Newsletter

This assignment in my PR Publications class was to make a Newsletter for a certain organization. I chose to use the non profit I am an intern for again, like I did with my business card and letterhead.

Since City Care is a non profit I really felt like they would benefit from a donor newsletter, but not enough big things happen every month so I decided to make it an annual one. It would be just a nice reminder of what their donations did through out the year and serve as a reminder to donate again at the start of the next one.

Here is the design I created:

Newsletter Newsletter2 Newsletter3 Newsletter4


With this design I wanted to put in the city scape that is in the City Care logo to keep up the repetition so all of their documents look and feel the same. I kept it simple with a navy blue box at the top to off set all the white and keep the color scheme the same with the city scape. I also repeated it in the pull quote box so that it stood out more.

I chose to only break up one story so that the newsletter would be easy to read and the reader wouldn’t have to flip back and forth. I also have two shorter stories so that the newsletter didn’t feel like it would be a marathon just to read through it.

I was pretty limited with the pictures and people I could use because there are privacy laws when dealing with people that are receiving government or nonprofit help. But all the ones I used are approved. I was lucky that all my pictures went with the stories I wrote.

The hardest par for me with this assignment was all the writing. I couldn’t decide where I wanted all the stories or how I wanted them to flow. It took so tweaking here and there but i think the newsletter is very readable. My call to action is on the last page where I ask readers to follow us on social media. Since I am the social media intern and City Care is new to the social media world it is important that we build our following right now.

All in all I am happy with the way this assignment turned out. I learned a lot about working with text in this assignment, which I have always struggled with in inDesign.

Originally posted at Mary Morton- PR Publications Course