Assignment One: Business Card and Letterhead

I can’t believe I have already finished the first official assignment in my Public Relations Publications class. And let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I was expecting. I have used Adobe Photoshop before when I was in high school and automatically thought that InDesign had to be easy too.. I was completely wrong. I hit a few bumps in the road like having a horrible logo, one that wasn’t high resolution, etc. But finally, I got a great logo from a friend and ended up making it work.

The business I ended up using is called Taste Dessert Bar. One of my dear friends owns it and is the head chef there. She thought that Amarillo, Texas needed somewhere to go after all the restaurants have closed to have dessert and drinks. So she decided to create Taste. She also has been having issues with her letterhead and business cards so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to show her some of my work, and if she wants to use it then I would have my first client. :)

During the design process I thought about who my target audience was going to be and of course, it is people who love nightlife and love desserts. Some of those people are probably not in the same age group. I had to think of what everyone would like. Something simple but elegant, and something that will resonate with a younger and older crowd.

In my head, I imagined having a martini glass faded onto the business card and letterhead because the business I did this for is a new dessert bar. Then I realized that her restaurant is more focused on desserts rather than the alcohol served. I started thinking about cupcakes and baking and automatically thought about cupcake wrappers. I don’t know why, but I did. That is what inspired me to do crinkled paper on the business card and letter head.

I also thought that since the logo is a fun color, the text that I put on it should be simple and in black. That way it is readable, and elegant.

taste dessert bar business card


taste dessert bar business card2


(click pictures to make bigger)

I also thought that the businesses slogan should be highlighted, Homemade, Unique, Delicious. I think that is a cute and memorable slogan so I thought it would be perfect on the back of the business card by itself, and at the bottom of the letterhead.



(click image to make larger)

I made sure that my fonts were similar to those in the Logo so people would think it looked cohesive.

All in all, I really enjoyed this assignment. I think it broadened my horizons to what I am capable of as a graphic designer and made me realize that I can make my own business and letterheads one day! I hope to experience InDesign a little more and toy around with photoshop. I feel confident using the programs but I know there is a lot more that I could learn. I can’t wait to see what this class has in store for the next assignment.


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