Assignment One- Business Card and Letterhead

So here’s a new type of post for you guys. This post is about the first assignment in my PR publications class. The assignment was to create a business card and letterhead for an organization of our choice. I chose to use the organization that I am currently interning for called City Care. It is a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma City that focuses on helping the homeless and underprivileged in the area.

Business Card

Business Card Business Card2


The audience for this business card is anyone that works with City Care and that we talk with on a one-on-one basis. Since City Care is a large nonprofit with five different programs there are a lot of different people that we work with daily. It is important that they know how to reach us and let us know what is going on in our various programs. I chose a very simplistic design for the front so the audience knows who we work for and what our job is, and also how to reach us. I put a quote on the back that connects our audience with who the organization is as a brand. City Care is focused on reaching out a helping hand to people in need, no matter how small. So I felt this quote really exemplified that. I also used the skyline on the back as a repetition of the logo. I tied the colors from the logo into the rest of the design and stayed with the modern/minimalistic feel that the original logo has to keep everything cohesive.

This business card was a challenge for me at times when I was designing it. At first I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted the card to look and feel. But after finally placing all the information and logos on it I did not like it all. I had to step away and come back to it a few different times to get the placement right. At first it looked too crowded and then I didn’t like where the information was placed. After that I changed the font like three different times. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so even when it was done I was still afraid to turn it in thinking that it might not be as good as I hoped it would. So it was a bit of a struggle at times.



This specific letterhead was made for a thank you letter that would go out to people who had donated at City Care’s last big charity banquet in January. I incorporated the skyline from the logo again here for repetition and recognition of the brand. I put the logo along the bottom and faded it out so that it wasn’t too domineering over the rest of the document. Other than that I kept the design very simple so that it did not distract the reader from the actual content of the letter. Also so that the letterhead could be modified and used for different purposes within the organization. I tied in the name at the top with the logo by using the same color as the skyline for the text. I also put the address and phone number of the organization so that our audience knew of a way to contact us.

The letterhead was a lot easier than the business card for me because it didn’t have as much going on in the design. Once I knew I wanted to repeat the use of the skyline as a way to tie the two documents together it was easy from there. I liked using the same color scheme and keeping things very simplistic because I didn’t want to make things too overwhelming. Overall I like the way both of them turned out and I think the design is cohesive through both.

I enjoyed doing both of these documents. I had to basically relearn how to use inDesign again, since I had used it before in high school. But I was surprised to see that I remembered more than I thought I did when it came to the basics. I still had to ask my teacher about stuff just about every class period though, but thats expected when we’re learning how to do this stuff all on our own. All in all I’m happy with the results.


Originally posted at Mary Morton- PR Publications Course