Assignment One: Business Card/Letterhead

SA_Business_CardSA_Business_Card2 SA_Letterhead


This business card and letterhead were both designed for my position at SuperAmerica, a company based out of Woodbury, MN that I interned with over the summer. I used a very minimal design on both my business card and my letterhead, keeping consistent font and color schemes as well as repeated branding, while maintaining a sparse attitude toward my designs.

The target recipient of my SuperAmerica E-newsletter are any SuperAmerica employees interested in attending the first annual SuperAmerica Employee Appreciation Day. This was an actual event that happened, and it was a lot of fun! The intended audience of my business card would be clients that worked with the advertising and loyalty department, or that met with the SuperAmerica sales division.

I have never been incredibly visually inclined,  and I thought using InDesign would be intimidating and complex, but I found this assignment to be very refreshing. I have always been a fan of minimal designs and I was very excited to make a professional-looking document while using my own personal tastes.

I learned that I should (hopefully) not be so nervous and self-doubting when approaching visually-inclined tasks. I hope to have more confidence in myself in the future!

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