Assignment 2




Mailer for the University of Oklahoma directed towards parents sending their students to OU.

student lifefront

student lifeback


Mailer for the University of Oklahoma directed towards high school seniors highly considering OU.

For the mailer directed towards parents, I wanted to keep it simple. The front contains a beautiful picture of the OU library. At the top, I wanted the words to look like they were almost a part of the clouds. I also wanted the OU logo at the bottom to fit into the overall design without taking away from the picture. On the back, I have a personal note towards the parents who are sending their kids off to OU. I know when my parents were sending me off, they constantly wanted to be reassured that I would be safe. I included a website on the back side where parents can visit and gain all the information they need. Again, I didn’t want to make the design too complex so that parents would not be overwhelmed. I used white space on the back of the mailer to give it an organized look.

For the mailer directed towards high school seniors, I added a little more design concepts along with more color. I want these high school seniors to be excited about attending OU. I gave a step by step process on the front of the mailer about applying to OU. I also included steps on what to do after you’ve been accepted because this mailer is directed towards the students who have OU very high on their college list. I wanted to make the Twitter and Facebook logos very large because this age group uses these two social media sites often.

This assignment was different than the first for many reasons. We had to narrow down our audiences and make them more specific. We didn’t have as much space as we had for assignment one to fill with a lot of text. We had to give a large amount of information in a small mailer while also trying not to making anything too complex. I feel as though I made great strides in improving my Indeisgn skills. I moved a lot quicker because I knew how to incorporate text, color and pictures. I also learned how to crop on Photoshop which made designing the mailers a lot easier as well.


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