Assignment 2- Mailers

This second assignment that was assigned in my PR Publications class was to make two postcards that would be sent to stakeholders. For this assignment I had to really hone in on exactly which stakeholders would receive this mailer and how the message would directly target them.

For my first mailer I decided to make a postcard for the University of Oklahoma’s Panhellenic Association Formal Recruitment that happens every fall semester. This organization oversees and monitors the 11 different sororities that are here on OU’s campus. This mailer is made specifically for women who are 17-23 that have been accepted to the university. This demographic is looking for how they can get involved when they arrive and Greek life is a great way to do that. I kept the design very colorful and fun so that is caught the eye of a woman who was in this age range. I filled the front with pictures and made the design look like a collage, almost as if it was a bulletin board that they could have in their room. I wanted these women to see these pictures and feel like they could be in them or these could be pictures that they could put up on their wall someday. With all the color on the front I kept the back very simple but repeated the use of the bright pink and orange to tie it to the design on the front. I separated the information into the who, what, when, and where about Formal Recruitment. I felt that this would be the best way to answer their questions and then refer them to the Panhellenic’s webpage to learn more, or register to take part in Formal Recruitment.

Postcard 1 Postcard 12


The second mailer I made was specifically for parents, around ages 38-50, whose daughter have registered for Formal Recruitment. Most parents are pretty clueless when it comes to being apart of a sorority or fraternity so I wanted to make a mailer that gave them a few positive statistics about it and then refer them to the Panhellenic’s webpage to learn more about what their daughter might be apart of. I made this a lot cleaner because I wanted it to look more official. I went with a crimson and white color scheme to match other mailers that parents may have received so they would feel comfortable about it being from the university. I didn’t want it to seem too busy, but I still wanted to keep the idea of having a lot of pictures that they could see their daughter possibly taking part of in the near future. The back is very simple and more a teaser with some information to get parents to start looking into the Greek system and what it is all about.



This assignment was quite a challenge for me. At first I had no clear idea how I wanted either of these mailers to look, which was the opposite in the last assignment I did. I knew that my stakeholders were very clear and wanted the same information, but different designs appealed to each demographic. I learned a lot about using the drop shadow and rotate abilities on inDesign with this assignment, which I really enjoyed. After I played around with both designs and put pictures in different places I finally ended up with two front designs that I was happy with. The back side of each mailer was really easy since I wanted to keep it simple but stay with a similar color scheme. All in all I’m very happy with the way both turned out.

Originally posted at Mary Morton- PR Publications Course