Design Blitz Scavenger Hunt

For this blog post I am going to post pictures I had to go find to complete a design scavenger hunt that my PR Publications teacher assigned. In this assignment we were required to find an example of several different design principles. The ones we had to find were color, typography, metaphor/symbol, minimalism, and form and function.









I chose this planner as an example of color because I like the use of these three colors. With the basic white and gray design and the coral accents it is simple and easy to follow the organization of the page.






I chose this sign as an example of typography because it is very clean and simple. The font is easy to read and understand.


Anchor Silhouette Take Your Picture

I chose this as an example of a metaphor or symbol because in my sorority the anchor is our symbol. For us it symbolizes the principles were we founded under and the bond we share with our sisters.



This is a good example of minimalism because it just uses the outline of Jack Sparrow and a plain background. It is a good poster for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean because anyone who has seen the movie will know that that is the silhouette of Jack Sparrow.



I chose this for form and function because the print on the buttons make it easy to know what buttons to press to work the television it goes to.


Originally posted at Mary Morton- PR Publications Course