Self Reflection: Assignment 1

This assignment was fun for me. Since I am just an intern, I don’t get my own business card but now I have one that I can use!





I wanted my design to reflect the OU Athletics brand. The first thing I did was use a texture from Zen Textures to create a sort of “old parchment” look. I have spent a lot of time in the archive room at the stadium and all the old newspaper clippings and documents all have that yellowed, old look to them and that was where I drew that inspiration. I wanted that background to pay homage to OU’s rich history of winning.

I used the Athletic Department’s official font and colors. That is something that is strictly enforced in the department as part of brand consistency. They even have a very specific color of crimson.

R: 169 G: 0 B: 25

I liked the idea of using the logo blown up so that you can only see part of it. OU’s brand is so strong that just seeing a fraction of it is still enough to get the message across. I think it ended up adding a slightly modern touch without ruining the historic feel of the design. This was probably my favorite element of the design.

I ended up going with a fairly organized block of text on the right side. I felt that the contrast of opacities in the text and the oversized logo to the left, really made the text pop out and look really sharp and noticeable. I was really happy with how that turned out.

I struggled with what to put on the back of the card. I honestly haven’t seen too many business cards but most don’t have anything on the back. I ended up putting the department’s mission statement on the back. That motto is up in every office in the department and I thought if it is that pervasive, then it should be on the card. I also leveraged another OU logo and the “There’s Only One” Campaign above that. I wanted the motto to stand out so I made the opacity low for that logo to create contrast that would make the motto pop out to the reader.




For the letterhead I got rid of the textured background. I thought that the letterhead was less about making a statement and more about functionality. The other consideration I had on this was print cost. Letterhead is used WAY more than business cards to keeping the print costs down by making it as plain as possible without sacrificing design or looks is important to a department that wants to use as much of the budget as possible to benefit the student athlete directly.

I thought that the plain white would make any printed material easier to read but I also added a very low opacity logo, almost a water mark type deal. I wanted this to be ultra functional so that any releases would be more likely to be read and used.

I went a head and included the mission statement on the bottom of the letterhead as well for repetition and redundancy of message.

I also utilized the lines at the top and bottom of the page to really frame the text that the letterhead would contain. That demarkation makes it very clear what part of the document is letterhead and what part is new or changing content.


One thing that struck me about my design is that I could achieve the textured look I wanted on the business card by using paper that has that texture rather than printing a texture on there. That would likely be more cost effective than using that much ink right? Is so then I could use that same paper for letterhead and carry that design element to the letterhead and have that repetition and consistency. Just a thought. Which is cheaper: fancy paper or ink?


My big moment in this project was honestly probably learning all the shortcuts. The design was fun but learning and memorizing all the shortcut for the keys and common functions let me work much faster and I felt like I was leveraging the InDesign software itself in a much more efficient way. It made me feel a lot more confident about my abilities and what I could potentially do with it. Not much of a shocking moment but it kind of helped build my confidence and made me excited about what I am capable of.


Originally posted at Wes Moody PR Publications