Chapter One

Chapter 1 gave some interesting insight into the beginning of how mass production began. In one of the first pages of the text, the author, Jared Spool says, ” When you buy from an independent craftsman, you support creative thinking and families not corporations and you gain the opportunity to live with an object that has a story.”  This stuck with me because I had never thought of buying this way and how mass production takes away from the personalization of an object or good. This correlated perfectly with today’s day and age websites and social media because it all seems to be very similar in concept. I agreed with the theory of emotional design in that you need some sort of emotional connection to draw in or engage users or readers. I also agreed with the emotion and memory theory in that it really does resonate when you can connect positive experiences and incorporate into the design of sites and products. What I didn’t completely agree on was revised Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that the author proposed. I think that since the creation of this structure a little has changed but for the most part has stayed the same. People still need physiological security, safety, love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization but the emphasis on the self-actulization need should be increased. As time progresses, there is more and more, the needs shouldn’t really change. Usable and reliable are also basic concepts that I completely agree with in the text.

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