Design Blitz


I used this frame for color because I liked the way the white and gray are neutrals and then there is a pop of coral that surrounds the actual picture.

photo 1

I used this image for typography because the font is easy to read and is so simple that it looks clean. I think the hint of cursive print for January-December is just enough to still look simple.

Delta Delta Delta crest

I used the Tri Delta Crest for the symbol because it means so much more than it looks. This crest holds the values and true meanings of the Delta Delta Delta sorority that you wouldn’t know at first glance.

photo 2

I used the Apple symbol for minimalism. When you look at the apple, you know it is representing the Apple company. Their symbol is so simple but it is memorable. It is the perfect example of minimalism.

photo 5

I am using the Apple iPhone home page for form and function. Everything is laid out in a very accessible way. All the applications have a picture describing what the function is and the type underneath it.

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