Designing for Emotion Chapter 1

At the beginning of the chapter it talks about buying products from Etsy and Kickstarter. I have never thought about that fact that when buying products from a single person, this can inspire and develop their craftsmanship. By buying one product from Etsy, it is something that has a story behind it. This is something that I have never thought about as compared to large market stores where millions of the same products are produced by machines.

Later in the chapter it discusses how the start of the web led to many people be laid off from work. The author says that these people without jobs sat around and created web pages of their own. This may be an exaggeration by the author, but in my opinion those people were not sitting around on the computer, they were out looking for other jobs to support themselves.

Throughout this chapter I had a lot of eye opening moments. In the middle of the chapter I realized that being self-assured about my work takes more than just self-confidence. Having self-confidence involves a lot of outside factors including comfort with my home life as well as social life. I realized that outside factors could affect my work as well as my confidence towards my work. Near the end of the chapter it was also interesting to read the “Pink Panther” story. That story hit home to me because I am a huge sports fan. If any company offered me that kind of deal, I would absolutely be their number one customer.

Originally posted at Taylor Jurica- Gaylord Journalism Student