Designing For Emotion Chapter 3

This was the most interesting chapter yet and I have a feeling they will keep getting better and better. To me this chapter seems like it could be the backbone of the entire book. It discusses personality and persona as they relate to web design.

Something that I had really never thought about and that this chapter did a great job at explaining was that the designer needs to see the computer as a medium for human interaction. This can be difficult at times. It seems that a great web designer understands at a deep level how to use the tools that computers offer in order to evoke emotion in others. The key here is understanding others. The other people looking at the computer screen are the ones that matter not necessarily the computer as much.

As designers we need to understand personality as a whole and how different personalities can often relate in some way. The author talks about creating your own persona. That persona needs to relate as much as possible to the viewer’s personality in order to captivate them.

Walter does a good job at explaining brand persona or brand personality and how to build that up. I don’t think I would change anything about this chapter as it seems simply put and well laid out. We need to get in other people’s heads in order to better understand how to design with emotion for others.

Originally posted at Spenser Hicks's Blog