Designing for Emotion Chapter 4

This was a very informative chapter overall and really got me thinking of different ways to get in touch with people’s emotions. Given that people’s attention is very hard to keep in this day and age, designers have a very small amount of time to catch the viewer’s eye.

The chapter broke down emotion very well into several components that were then explained. I found this a very good way of explaining everything. Surprise was the first aspect gone over and then anticipation was discussed. It was also a very interesting way to present things and made it very understandable.

I wouldn’t change anything about the chapter. It was written in a clear concise manner that was also interesting. The examples that were given were so unique and perfect for what he was talking about that it made the read very engaging. It was good to keep a consistent theme as well like when the author talked about Mailchimp again.

I really liked the way he talked about surprise and anticipation and how we as human beings have emotion rush to us when we are surprised or build up when we feel anticipation. As designers we have to find a way to key on that. I also enjoy how the chapter finishes by basically saying there is no for sure formula to captivate emotion. We have to figure out specifics about our audience and tailor the specific messages toward that.


Originally posted at Spenser Hicks's Blog