Designing for Emotion: Chapter 5

Overcoming Obstacles is the title of the fifth chapter of Walter’s book. Suitably, chapter 5 deals with overcoming the myriad reasons why consumers would dislike or choose not to use a specific product or brand. The main reasons given by Walter that need to be overcome are emotional ties, laziness and apathy.

I somewhat agree with Walter on the claims that purchases we make or products we use are selected on instinct. In many cases, yes, people will choose a brand or product based on how they feel at that moment or how they fell about that particular brand. Many times, consumer instinct is to remain in their own comfort zone and their purchasing behavior reflects that.

On the other hand there are many times thatI would consider one brand or product to be of a higher quality or more personally appealing to me, but I will buy a different product because it may cost less or last longer. Purchasing decisions can’t be made purely on emotion. At times logic must be applied as well.

I did like Walter’s discussions on failure. It is okay to make mistakes as long as we as designers look bar at our brand and make sure the right message is being communicated to consumers. A design must function reliably and connect emotionally.


Originally posted at Nick Edwards