Designing for Emotion Chapter 5: Overcoming Obstacles

In the first part of this chapter, it discusses how design can win most customers over. I have never thought about how much a design can really persuade somebody. The example that the book used was Mint. They were a free service, so, that automatically makes people skeptical. But, the organization and light colors of their web page is what drew people in. The design also used shadowing to attract to the customer’s eye. When I think about the decisions that I make about something, design does have a huge impact on whether I am going with the product or not.

The book also discusses the process of using Dropbox. It explains that many people find the signing up process difficult because you have to download it onto your computer and incorporate your phone as well. I personally do not find this difficult or time consuming at all. I found Dropbox extremely easy to use from the start. But, this could also be because of the generation I have come from. I am used to having to download things and incorporate my phone as well. The generation that my parents have come from might find it a little more difficult.

Reading this chapter really made me think about design in a whole new way. It is all about making the customer feel comfortable and happy. In times of trouble, the customer should always be able to rely on something like a website to find exactly what they need.

Originally posted at Taylor Jurica- Gaylord Journalism Student