Designing For Emotion

When I began to read the book, “Designing for Emotion,” by Aaron Walter I was a bit skeptical, because like many of my peers I do not like to read the assigned passages for my classes. However, once I got through the first section I quickly became engaged in the topic discussed in the chapter. I had never really thought much about how websites and emotions were connected. It definitely made me think about how much time I spend on Facebook and Twitter and how I have an emotional connection to my favorite websites. The chapter also introduced a concept that I had learned about in some of my other PR classes, Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, which I think is extremely interesting. I love how he uses positive experiences to attract users.  Something that I disagreed with was the fact that I felt like the author kind of gave the reader ideas that you could use media to manipulate the emotions of others in wrong ways, which I don’t know if I completely am okay with that. I’m completely fine if it is for the greater good, but if people use it in the wrong way I get upset. I feel like many times the general public are skeptical about the media and how it messes with emotions. This chapter just kind of reminded me of that.

Originally posted at Tyler Mahoney- PR Student