Direct Mailer

This project was easy to me when using indesign. I feel like I am understanding how to use the software to make my designs better.  To start this project by looking at Pinterest for examples on direct mailers.  I found really useful examples on Pinterest. I modeled my direct mailers after one of the templates I found. It was hard trying to figure out what information to include and what not to include. I didn’t want to overload the direct mailer with too much information, I wanted to keep them more simple. I remember from my time in high school, when I was getting mailers from perspective colleges. I liked the ones that were simple and didn’t have so much information on them. I liked those styles best because if I wanted more information on the college I would visit their website.

Direct Mailer #1- Directed at perspective students in the greater Oklahoma City Area

Direct Mailer #12Direct Mailer #1


This mailer is aimed towards high school students who are heading into the summer and are making summer plans. I would probable send this out in the end of April to the beginning of May. I chose this layout because it is a fun way to get their attention. I tried to pick activities that most high schoolers would be planning for in the summer. The target audience is the greater Oklahoma City Area because those are the high school students who are close to the school and will most likely be able to come visit the school during the summer. It is harder for those students out of state to plan a tour and that is why i chose to target those high school students who are closer to OU.

Direct Mailer #2- Directed at those perspective students parents’

Direct Mailer #22


Direct Mailer #2


The second mailer I designed is for parents. I chose this picture of the statue on the south oval because it shows off how beautiful the OU campus really is.  I kept the front of the this mailer simple because most people don’t really take the time to read through mail unless it is important. The main point I was trying to make with this mailer is the name University of Oklahoma because that will make an imprint in busy parents minds for them to look up later. Possibly while standing in line or waiting for their kids, they may look up the school  on their phones. I put important websites on the front for quick references for parents.

This project was easier for me to start designing but it was still difficult. Design for others is still difficult for me because I have to keep my style out of it and design for what the client needs/wants. I hope by the end of the semester I am able to design things easier.

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