Jan 20-24 Chapter 1 Blog Post

This chapter was very interesting. I’ve never thought about design and websites as being something that relate to people emotionally. When I really think about it though, I do actually relate to websites according to how easy it is to navigate and the way it looks.  I do disagree that good design is the only thing that could draw someone to a particular website. Yes, I think its great that a design can make you feel positive, but sometimes you can get passed a design and look at what the site offers and it be a site that you visit often.

So far I am really enjoying class and the book. It was an easy read and interesting. The lectures are fun and it really helps that they have different design elements to help engage us students. I think I will also like the website and learning more about the various software products we will be using in class. So far, so good.

- Tori

Originally posted at Tori Beechum - PR Pubs