My first post- Chapter 1 of Designing for Emotion

So here is my first post! Yaaayyy! I’ve had to create this website for my Public Relations Publications class so all of my posts will be about stuff going on in that class and then after that who knows what I’ll do with this site.

This first post is about Chapter 1 of our textbook, Designing for Emotion, by Aaron Walter. The first chapter is mostly introducing the concept of designing websites and content to evoke positive emotions from the reader. One thing I found really interesting was how Walter talked about the evolution of web design from how basic and focused on sounding like a big company using “we.” To now being more centered around the individual and their experience. Being apart of the generation who started with Myspace this concept didn’t really seem new or impressive to me. I never really thought about how the internet must have changed since its creation back in the 1980′s.

One part of the book that I did not agree with was when Walter talked about starting to switch the focus of web design from being more functional, to being a more emotional and memorable experience. Although I think connecting with the consumer on a more personal level is very important, you can’t connect with someone if your website isn’t functional. Walter does mention this once in this chapter but I don’t think he puts enough emphasis on the importance of finding the right balance between these two concepts. A well designed web page has to be functional and able to connect with the consumer emotionally. But having more of one than the other can cause your web site to be ineffective.

What I’m most looking forward to learning in this class is to finding how to strike this balance. I tend to focus more on making sure everything is functional and then I hate the how the end result looks or feels. I think reading this book and learning how to use the right tools in class will improve my skills and help me not be so terrified of InDesign and Photoshop.

Originally posted at Mary Morton- PR Publications Course