My First Time…Blogging

I have always wanted to write/create a blog of my own but I have never understood how to create a website before. One of the classes that I am taking is teaching us to create our own website. At first I was a little worried about writing my thoughts for strangers to read but I like the freedom it gives you to say your thoughts without the fear of rejection or criticism. Of course there will be those people who will comment rude things but it takes the sting away from it by not having the person say it to your face, it also gives you time to recover and respond.

I plan on keeping this blog going, at least over the summer, for family and friends to stay in the loop of my travels. I think a blog is better way to go then social media (on sharing experiences with people) because in a blog you have total control of the space and design, you are able to make it your own.

Originally posted at Grace Vojvoda