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Spenser Hicks

This was definitely the most extensive and therefore the most challenging assignment thus far. There was a lot to think about before delving into this and I really think I learned a lot about planning and designing a whole newsletter for an organization.

I first planned out the colors I was going to use and that was pretty easy seeing as Sigma Chi goes with colors blues, old gold and black to represent them. I wanted to use these colors throughout but in different ways to show some contrast. I put the colors in different places on each page in order to get this effect.

The design is pretty simple overall but I think it gets the message across well. Fraternity brothers are not going to want some flashing design that might come off to “girly” to them. They want something simple that tells them what they need to know about the chapter and I think that’s exactly what this does.

I decided on articles that would be relevant to the active brothers by being stuff that they would actually care about such as rush and date party information. I think it is well organized and has a good flow throughout the whole document. It wasn’t easy but I think I managed to capture the simplicity the organization would want as well as correctly use repetition and contrast of color. This was a very interesting and challenging assignment that I learned a lot from. I have started to better develop my use of design and many of the elements such as contrast and

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