For this project I was to design a newsletter of an organization on campus. I choose the Undergraduate Anthropology Society (UAS). UAS is a club that meets weekly to discuss what is going in the Anthropology world. People are constantly bringing attention to new article that are posted. The club also hosts a variety of seminars with professors or people who work in the anthropology field.

The difficulties I faced in this project were finding interesting articles to put into the newsletter. Also trying to find upcoming events since the school year is almost over and there are very few.

I liked this project the best so far because I was able to work with an organization that I new well and it made designing feel easier. I’m the kind of person that will keep changing every little detail to see what looks the best, so even though I think this newsletter looks good, I would still go back and play around with the font more.

Front Page:


For the front page I included a controversial article because anthropologists love to debate over this particular topic. The other article is about an upcoming seminar on what to do with your anthropology degree, which will be incredibly helpful to those thinking about graduation. At the top I wanted to include some color, which I did with the strips of blue and the picture.

Page 2



Anthropologists care more about information, than having it split up with pictures. So Included a lot of writing in my newsletter to cater to the audience. I did split it up with shorter articles, and one picture, just so it wasn’t so bland. I choose three different types of font for the articles, one for the header, another for the deck and a different one for the article itself, to make it easier to discern them from each other.

Page 3: Newsletter3

Again, a lot of writing. I was trying to design for the target audience. I included the strips of blue to give a color break in the page and the picture I included is of great significance because it is one of the only complete skulls of its time.

Back Page:



I tried to make this back page fun and informational. Each paragraph is in a different font and some are a different size. I found the layout inspiration form Pinterest. The paragraphs are all of small little things to be aware of or things to think about applying to. They didn’t deserve full articles but were still important enough to include.

Overall this project was a good challenge in design. I took a lot of inspiration in design layout from Pinterest. I looked on the UAS Facebook page to see what articles people were discussing the most and found similar articles. In the future I would consider less writing and a few more pictures just to help break up all the writing.

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