Penny for Your Thoughts?

The other day I was walking to class when I received and email saying that I had a comment on one of my blog posts and I thought to myself OMG this is so exciting! My first follower! I was excited for all of 2 minutes because as it turns out my first follower was spam by the name of buy short prom dresses. I should have realized that the comment was going to be a spam, seeing as how I haven’t promoted my blog for other to see and read. But that got me thinking on how exactly does one go about starting to promote their own blog? I have seen Facebook friends post statuses about their blogs but how do you reach farther than that? I keep up with another blog, who is backed by a graphic design freelancer who learned to self promote her own brand on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, it’ll be interesting to see if I will be able to use any of her tricks in self promoting (that is if I decide I want to take this blog in that direction). At the very least, if not much comes out of this blog, it will be fun to see peoples comments on my posts, definitely some self affirmation, though I do enjoy the freedom of writing knowing there will be no rude comments posted.

Originally posted at Grace Vojvoda