Everyone has a personality its what draws us to others and creates a connection. Designing website that contains a personality or bringing a personality to a product, is something we should strive for, according to Aarron Walter author of Designing for Emotion.

Johannes Gutenburg who was the father of the printing press brought the personality of the monks and others who transcribed religious texts into his movable text-faces. These monks took great care in writing out the religious texts, Gutenburg wanted to bring that pain and determination into his prints. He was inspired to create something with the presentation of human. Walter also uses the ad that Apple did called “Get a Mac” which Apple use to “show you how you will feel if you buy a Mac” (Walter, 33). Even though this ad is no longer run it still sticks in my mind, I always found those commercials to be hilarious. It may be the operating system or the chic-ness of the design or Justin Long promoting the brand, I will never know which made me only buy Apple products.

Further on in the chapter Walter talks about bringing personality into apps on phones, giving them a ‘face’ to connect with. I don’t agree that apps need to have a ‘face’ with it for me to feel a connection or the need to purchase it. I look at recommendations from those I know or the functionality not their ‘face’. I have some apps that don’t have the best ‘face’ to them but still download them because I like what they have to offer.

This book is enjoyable because it helps new website creator learn some tricks of the trade and how to create something that will draw in an audience.

Originally posted at Grace Vojvoda