Scrapbook Blog?

Lately, I have been trying to think of something that my blog could be used for after this assignment is all said and done, and so far, It has been very hard to think of a topic interesting enough for me to write about that people will want to read. In addition, The only other people I know that have blogs are my 17-year old sister and all of her friends, but they only talk about make-up and style and all of the “in” brands. I like some of that stuff, but I would rather do almost anything else than sit sand talk about it to a camera–mostly because I think that’s super weird and annoying.  But then I remember I am the only one looking at this website and it can be about whatever I want it to be about even if it’s about a stupid hobby of mine that everyone makes fun of me for….scrapbooking!

I love it. I have a scrapbook every year since 2007 and I think each one gets better and better. I collect pictures and stickers and paper and letters and go practically broke every Christmas when I spend my free time catching up with it. Honestly, I don’t think sharing a few of my pages would be that much different than sharing photos on instagram or twitter.   My thought is that after an event, I can show the new scrapbook page and talk about what happened (like every other social media site). It’s perfect! Here are some examples:


Whitney’s Wedding 2013


Gamma Phi Beta Bid Day 2013


OU/TX 2013 (Sorry the image doesn’t have superb quality)

"Moonstrike" 2014

“Moonstrike” 2014

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