First Class Assignment

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The first project in my publications class was to make a business card and a newsletter. It proved to be a bit challenging a times, but in the end it all came together.

The company I chose was a behavioral health agency named Kreative Behavioral Health Services. The audience would be those interested in working in the mental health field or applying to be a client.

The design concept was to use an image the company already had which was a lightbulb and a circle of friends. I decided to revamp the logo and stuck with the lightbulb because I think it reflects coming up with an idea like that eureka moment. I decided to use a dark background color and light text color so that it would pop. The orange is somewhat warm and seems inviting.

I learned that designing can be tough and you will make mistakes. It is something you can’t get attached to because you’ll probably end up changing something in the end. I went through a few different looks but in the end this one stuck. Using Pinterest was also a big help.


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Assignment 1: Business Card and Letterhead

During the course of this assignment, I faced many challenges. First, and foremost, regardless of it being my fourth year in Gaylord, I am not a Mac user, so getting to know a new computer system was already an obstacle to overcome. Not to mention I had never used InDesign or any other type of photo-editing program in my life. Therefore, I had a lot of hurdles to go over during the course of this project. 


The first week was frustrating, to say the least. I had no idea what I was doing or how to get what was in my head on to paper. I had so many grandiose ideas that I just couldn’t conceptualize with my little knowledge of the program. By week 2 I had settled on a simpler design – something more achievable.

Being a Dell subscriber, I could not work on this project outside of class. Furthermore, living in the city meant I could only work on this project when I was in Norman – two days a week. This was specifically hard for me because I am more of an at-home learner. In other words, when inspiration strikes I like to be able to live in “the now” and work on it right away.

By the end of week three I really found my groove. Something kind of clicked in my head during class, and I ended up with an hour and a half break until my next class, so I went to the lab and got to work. I finally felt like I was getting the hang of things; my letterhead basically did itself. I’m still no master, but I do feel like I can hold my own.

Overall, I’m proud of my first go around with InDesign. I’m also actually excited to see what the future holds between me and this program!

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Designing a Business Card and Letterhead

For our first project in my pr pubs class, we were asked to pick an organization to design a business card and letterhead for. I choose to do the Museum of the San Ramon Valley because it is a big part of my life and the community in the town where I grew up. When I was in middle school and high school I volunteered at numerous events hosted by the museum. My mom also came to work there as one of their executive directors, so I spent many summer days helping out in the office. It is a small museum, which is why it is important for the members opinions and complaints to be taken into great consideration. The museum was originally a train depot located in the heart of the town’s downtown area, and was later converted into a museum when the train tracks were covered by a regional park trail.

The museum mainly attracts an older crowd (those who are retired) and children in elementary schools who attend on field trips and with grandparents. The museum also has high Saturday visits because of the farmers market that happens in the parking lot right outside the building. The museum receives a significant portion of its funding from donors, so it is important to listen to their needs and wants when designing something for the museum. I tried to keep this in mind while I was designing the business card and letterhead. My main objective was to keep the feel of the historic building but add modernity to it.

Business Card Business Card2


Designing the business card was very difficult for me. I went through about 10 different designs and layouts before choosing this design/layout. I expected this to be an easy thing to design that I could do it in about two days, but it took me two weeks to find the right one and I know that I will continue to improve on my design capabilities and abilities as I do more projects like this. I choose a typewriter font for the business card to to stay in touch with the historic aspect of the museum. I took my moms position for the business card of executive director. On the back is an old sketch of the museum that they have recently started using again, so I choose to incorporate it into the business card to keep a similarity between documents. Also on the back is the mission statement of the museum which they hold very important and is posted on their website as well as their social media.


The letterhead was easier to design in my opinion. I included the sketch of the museum that is currently being used for publicity and the stamp of the museum in the top left corner that is commonly used for documents such as this. I wrote the press release over the current exhibit which is Cowboys and Cattlemen – Ranching in the San Ramon Valley, to help increase the number of visits the museum receives. I used an easy font to read since it is a press release and typically about a page long, so readability is very important on these kinds of designs.

Overall I enjoyed this project and I am looking forward to how I will grow in my design capabilities because there is always room for improvement!

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Assignment One – Self Reflection Blog Post

Assignment One- Business Card & Letterhead

Business Card:


Business Card2


Business Card22


Letterhead Letterhead2


    When choosing a company to use for Assignment One, I tried to think of a company that was in some way connected to me and that also may have needed the help. I decided to go with my boyfriend’s sister’s company Blissful–an online boutique that sells women’s clothing via Facebook. Not only do I have a real passion for clothes and shopping, but I was also immediately drawn to the company’s  unique way of business and affordable prices.
    I had a great time creating a business card and letterhead from the original design of the logo which used bright shades of green and blue, along with a very doily-type framing design. Boutiques, in general, are different from other retail stores in that they provide unique clothing at a higher quality and so I tried to recreate that element of uniqueness into the design.
    For both projects, I started by cropping the doily design from the logo–leaving just the name for the top of the card. I did this because I felt that the grand design of the doily took the eye away from what the card was really trying to accomplish, which was to get the name out there. I did, however, use the design for other parts of the card and letterhead by rotating the image and placing in on the side of the card (making it bleed off), which helped it look more like an element rather than the focus. Because this is a Facebook company, I also chose to list the necessary information to cater towards this including an image of the Facebook logo and the URL to the page, while not including a mailing address.
Although I know there are still some things that could look better (like the back of the business card), I am very proud of my work overall and hope that Blissful will feel the same.

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Assignment One: Business Card/Letterhead

SA_Business_CardSA_Business_Card2 SA_Letterhead


This business card and letterhead were both designed for my position at SuperAmerica, a company based out of Woodbury, MN that I interned with over the summer. I used a very minimal design on both my business card and my letterhead, keeping consistent font and color schemes as well as repeated branding, while maintaining a sparse attitude toward my designs.

The target recipient of my SuperAmerica E-newsletter are any SuperAmerica employees interested in attending the first annual SuperAmerica Employee Appreciation Day. This was an actual event that happened, and it was a lot of fun! The intended audience of my business card would be clients that worked with the advertising and loyalty department, or that met with the SuperAmerica sales division.

I have never been incredibly visually inclined,  and I thought using InDesign would be intimidating and complex, but I found this assignment to be very refreshing. I have always been a fan of minimal designs and I was very excited to make a professional-looking document while using my own personal tastes.

I learned that I should (hopefully) not be so nervous and self-doubting when approaching visually-inclined tasks. I hope to have more confidence in myself in the future!

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Assignment 1 Reflection

Letterhead sooner housing

Back of card: Business Card back side


Front of card:  Business Card front

This first assignment was much more challenging than I would have ever imagined. The software was actually surprisingly easy to get the hang of but I have so much more respect for web designers now that I see how difficult it is. I made a business card and letterhead for the Sooner Housing and Food department here at the university. I believe I reflected the brand of the university well enough by using the correct crimson color that students here value as well as using graphics that students here would recognize such as the pictures of the dorms. The target recipient of the card is freshmen who are new to the dorms. These freshmen may need assistance whether it be questions about upcoming events or just genera questions about the university. The card gives them contact information of someone that can help them with those problems and even provides them with a map just incase they are living in the student apartments farther away. It was designed for super new students to the university to be as simple as possible in order for freshmen to get their questions answered in a timely and efficient manner. I tried to use the correct repetition of the color as well as images of the dorms to remind freshmen that this is the person to contact with any questions regarding dorm or university questions. To start I just started messing around with different alignments until I found one that was aesthetically pleasing. It was rather difficult to get good quality images. I contacted student housing for the Housing and Food logo that is on the card as well as the letterhead. They said the image was the highest quality one they had but it is severally lacking in quality and in turn makes the final product look tainted. Overall it was a great learning experience and a good first step in my design practice.

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Assignment One- Business Card and Letterhead

So here’s a new type of post for you guys. This post is about the first assignment in my PR publications class. The assignment was to create a business card and letterhead for an organization of our choice. I chose to use the organization that I am currently interning for called City Care. It is a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma City that focuses on helping the homeless and underprivileged in the area.

Business Card

Business Card Business Card2


The audience for this business card is anyone that works with City Care and that we talk with on a one-on-one basis. Since City Care is a large nonprofit with five different programs there are a lot of different people that we work with daily. It is important that they know how to reach us and let us know what is going on in our various programs. I chose a very simplistic design for the front so the audience knows who we work for and what our job is, and also how to reach us. I put a quote on the back that connects our audience with who the organization is as a brand. City Care is focused on reaching out a helping hand to people in need, no matter how small. So I felt this quote really exemplified that. I also used the skyline on the back as a repetition of the logo. I tied the colors from the logo into the rest of the design and stayed with the modern/minimalistic feel that the original logo has to keep everything cohesive.

This business card was a challenge for me at times when I was designing it. At first I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted the card to look and feel. But after finally placing all the information and logos on it I did not like it all. I had to step away and come back to it a few different times to get the placement right. At first it looked too crowded and then I didn’t like where the information was placed. After that I changed the font like three different times. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist so even when it was done I was still afraid to turn it in thinking that it might not be as good as I hoped it would. So it was a bit of a struggle at times.



This specific letterhead was made for a thank you letter that would go out to people who had donated at City Care’s last big charity banquet in January. I incorporated the skyline from the logo again here for repetition and recognition of the brand. I put the logo along the bottom and faded it out so that it wasn’t too domineering over the rest of the document. Other than that I kept the design very simple so that it did not distract the reader from the actual content of the letter. Also so that the letterhead could be modified and used for different purposes within the organization. I tied in the name at the top with the logo by using the same color as the skyline for the text. I also put the address and phone number of the organization so that our audience knew of a way to contact us.

The letterhead was a lot easier than the business card for me because it didn’t have as much going on in the design. Once I knew I wanted to repeat the use of the skyline as a way to tie the two documents together it was easy from there. I liked using the same color scheme and keeping things very simplistic because I didn’t want to make things too overwhelming. Overall I like the way both of them turned out and I think the design is cohesive through both.

I enjoyed doing both of these documents. I had to basically relearn how to use inDesign again, since I had used it before in high school. But I was surprised to see that I remembered more than I thought I did when it came to the basics. I still had to ask my teacher about stuff just about every class period though, but thats expected when we’re learning how to do this stuff all on our own. All in all I’m happy with the results.


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Assignment One: Business Card and Letterhead

I can’t believe I have already finished the first official assignment in my Public Relations Publications class. And let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I was expecting. I have used Adobe Photoshop before when I was in high school and automatically thought that InDesign had to be easy too.. I was completely wrong. I hit a few bumps in the road like having a horrible logo, one that wasn’t high resolution, etc. But finally, I got a great logo from a friend and ended up making it work.

The business I ended up using is called Taste Dessert Bar. One of my dear friends owns it and is the head chef there. She thought that Amarillo, Texas needed somewhere to go after all the restaurants have closed to have dessert and drinks. So she decided to create Taste. She also has been having issues with her letterhead and business cards so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to show her some of my work, and if she wants to use it then I would have my first client. :)

During the design process I thought about who my target audience was going to be and of course, it is people who love nightlife and love desserts. Some of those people are probably not in the same age group. I had to think of what everyone would like. Something simple but elegant, and something that will resonate with a younger and older crowd.

In my head, I imagined having a martini glass faded onto the business card and letterhead because the business I did this for is a new dessert bar. Then I realized that her restaurant is more focused on desserts rather than the alcohol served. I started thinking about cupcakes and baking and automatically thought about cupcake wrappers. I don’t know why, but I did. That is what inspired me to do crinkled paper on the business card and letter head.

I also thought that since the logo is a fun color, the text that I put on it should be simple and in black. That way it is readable, and elegant.

taste dessert bar business card


taste dessert bar business card2


(click pictures to make bigger)

I also thought that the businesses slogan should be highlighted, Homemade, Unique, Delicious. I think that is a cute and memorable slogan so I thought it would be perfect on the back of the business card by itself, and at the bottom of the letterhead.



(click image to make larger)

I made sure that my fonts were similar to those in the Logo so people would think it looked cohesive.

All in all, I really enjoyed this assignment. I think it broadened my horizons to what I am capable of as a graphic designer and made me realize that I can make my own business and letterheads one day! I hope to experience InDesign a little more and toy around with photoshop. I feel confident using the programs but I know there is a lot more that I could learn. I can’t wait to see what this class has in store for the next assignment.


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Self Reflection: Assignment 1

This assignment was fun for me. Since I am just an intern, I don’t get my own business card but now I have one that I can use!





I wanted my design to reflect the OU Athletics brand. The first thing I did was use a texture from Zen Textures to create a sort of “old parchment” look. I have spent a lot of time in the archive room at the stadium and all the old newspaper clippings and documents all have that yellowed, old look to them and that was where I drew that inspiration. I wanted that background to pay homage to OU’s rich history of winning.

I used the Athletic Department’s official font and colors. That is something that is strictly enforced in the department as part of brand consistency. They even have a very specific color of crimson.

R: 169 G: 0 B: 25

I liked the idea of using the logo blown up so that you can only see part of it. OU’s brand is so strong that just seeing a fraction of it is still enough to get the message across. I think it ended up adding a slightly modern touch without ruining the historic feel of the design. This was probably my favorite element of the design.

I ended up going with a fairly organized block of text on the right side. I felt that the contrast of opacities in the text and the oversized logo to the left, really made the text pop out and look really sharp and noticeable. I was really happy with how that turned out.

I struggled with what to put on the back of the card. I honestly haven’t seen too many business cards but most don’t have anything on the back. I ended up putting the department’s mission statement on the back. That motto is up in every office in the department and I thought if it is that pervasive, then it should be on the card. I also leveraged another OU logo and the “There’s Only One” Campaign above that. I wanted the motto to stand out so I made the opacity low for that logo to create contrast that would make the motto pop out to the reader.




For the letterhead I got rid of the textured background. I thought that the letterhead was less about making a statement and more about functionality. The other consideration I had on this was print cost. Letterhead is used WAY more than business cards to keeping the print costs down by making it as plain as possible without sacrificing design or looks is important to a department that wants to use as much of the budget as possible to benefit the student athlete directly.

I thought that the plain white would make any printed material easier to read but I also added a very low opacity logo, almost a water mark type deal. I wanted this to be ultra functional so that any releases would be more likely to be read and used.

I went a head and included the mission statement on the bottom of the letterhead as well for repetition and redundancy of message.

I also utilized the lines at the top and bottom of the page to really frame the text that the letterhead would contain. That demarkation makes it very clear what part of the document is letterhead and what part is new or changing content.


One thing that struck me about my design is that I could achieve the textured look I wanted on the business card by using paper that has that texture rather than printing a texture on there. That would likely be more cost effective than using that much ink right? Is so then I could use that same paper for letterhead and carry that design element to the letterhead and have that repetition and consistency. Just a thought. Which is cheaper: fancy paper or ink?


My big moment in this project was honestly probably learning all the shortcuts. The design was fun but learning and memorizing all the shortcut for the keys and common functions let me work much faster and I felt like I was leveraging the InDesign software itself in a much more efficient way. It made me feel a lot more confident about my abilities and what I could potentially do with it. Not much of a shocking moment but it kind of helped build my confidence and made me excited about what I am capable of.


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Assignment One: Business Card and Letterhead

So assignment one is finally completed! I can’t believe how fast the time flew by. Although this was my first time to ever use InDesign, in my opinion I think it went pretty well! In the beginning, it was hard to grasp some of the concepts, but now I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of things.

For this assignment, we had to make a business card and letterhead for an organization. Over the past three years, I have worked with OU’s Campus Activities Council (CAC) Soonerthon. This year, I am on the executive committee of the recruitment team, and I feel like I have a personal relationship with many members of my committee. The business card and letterhead are tied to this organization by the use of logos and information provided on both of these documents. The target recipients of the business card would be businesses that we ask to sponsor the event and adults or students who want to learn more about CAC Soonerthon. The letterhead would be sent to all of the participants from the past few years, and would encourage students to sign up once again. Additionally, the letterhead could be sent to new participants as well to increase their interest in the event.

Throughout this assignment, I was able to use my knowledge of design concepts and apply them to my business card and letterhead. First for both of my documents, I wanted them to be clean-cut and not be cluttered by lots of information or images. I made sure the colors and font matched the logo and worked well together. In addition, I wanted everything to be aligned with each other, thus helping the documents appear clean.

For the business card, I envisioned the logo appearing on the front of the business card with all of the necessary information for the public to know. I made the front of the business card match the color of the logo, navy blue, and also used red Charcoal font to display my name, title, address, email, phone number and website address. In addition, I made the back of the card simple to understand. The white background helps the Children’s Miracle Network logo stand out, and the public is provided with the website once again. The contrast between the two sides gives the card a pop of color and a professional appearance. I aligned the information by what I thought looked clean and clear to the reader. All of the information is relevant and provides the important facts one needs to know about CAC Soonerthon. I also made sure that I used repetition on the business card and letterhead by using the same logos, fonts, and colors to make them similar to each other. Lastly, I used my space appropriately and the grouping of the information is logical. Below is my business card for CAC Soonerthon:

Final Business Card - Pubs BlogFront of the business card for CAC Soonerthon

Final Business Card - Pubs Blog2Back of the business card for CAC Soonerthon

For the letterhead, I envisioned a similar look to the business card to show that the two documents are related to each other. For this document, I aligned the text on the top of the letterhead to match and align with the height of the balloon logo. After that, I made the rest of the document look like a news release that could be sent out in a newsletter. The continued block of text is easy to read, and helps the reader be able to follow along easily. At the bottom of the page, I made sure to include the CAC Soonerthon logo to show that this news release is sponsored by CAC Soonerthon, and the color of the logo stands out on the page as contrast. Once again, I used the same logos, font, and colors as a source of repetition, as well as used all the space necessary to make this letterhead clear and organized. Additionally, the news release provides relevant information about CAC Soonerthon to the public, and gives more insight to this organization. Below is my letterhead for CAC Soonerthon:

Final Letterhead Pubs BlogLetterhead for CAC Soonerthon (click on image to make bigger)

Overall, I thought this assignment was very interesting and fun. In the beginning, I actually thought it was going to be extremely hard and did not even know where to begin. I tried to get the logo early on from my source, but then heard nothing from the organization so I had to be patient and start working on other parts of the assignment. I would say that getting the logo was the part I was most stuck on, but I also was stuck on InDesign sometimes. I did not always know what to do in some situations, and had to ask for help. While doing this assignment, I would say I learned a lot about InDesign, and how to work the program. I still have a lot to learn, but for now I feel a little more confident in using it. I also learned that I always need to make sure I schedule enough time in and out of class to work on assignments. After I learned more about InDesign, I would say overall it was easier than I thought it was going to be. I truly enjoyed this assignment, and feel like I learned alot! I look forward to learning more and seeing what we do next in this class.

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