Direct Mailer

This project was easy to me when using indesign. I feel like I am understanding how to use the software to make my designs better.  To start this project by looking at Pinterest for examples on direct mailers.  I found really useful examples on Pinterest. I modeled my direct mailers after one of the templates I found. It was hard trying to figure out what information to include and what not to include. I didn’t want to overload the direct mailer with too much information, I wanted to keep them more simple. I remember from my time in high school, when I was getting mailers from perspective colleges. I liked the ones that were simple and didn’t have so much information on them. I liked those styles best because if I wanted more information on the college I would visit their website.

Direct Mailer #1- Directed at perspective students in the greater Oklahoma City Area

Direct Mailer #12Direct Mailer #1


This mailer is aimed towards high school students who are heading into the summer and are making summer plans. I would probable send this out in the end of April to the beginning of May. I chose this layout because it is a fun way to get their attention. I tried to pick activities that most high schoolers would be planning for in the summer. The target audience is the greater Oklahoma City Area because those are the high school students who are close to the school and will most likely be able to come visit the school during the summer. It is harder for those students out of state to plan a tour and that is why i chose to target those high school students who are closer to OU.

Direct Mailer #2- Directed at those perspective students parents’

Direct Mailer #22


Direct Mailer #2


The second mailer I designed is for parents. I chose this picture of the statue on the south oval because it shows off how beautiful the OU campus really is.  I kept the front of the this mailer simple because most people don’t really take the time to read through mail unless it is important. The main point I was trying to make with this mailer is the name University of Oklahoma because that will make an imprint in busy parents minds for them to look up later. Possibly while standing in line or waiting for their kids, they may look up the school  on their phones. I put important websites on the front for quick references for parents.

This project was easier for me to start designing but it was still difficult. Design for others is still difficult for me because I have to keep my style out of it and design for what the client needs/wants. I hope by the end of the semester I am able to design things easier.

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Assignment Two: Direct Mailers

Our second major assignment for Public Relations Publications challenged us to create two different direct mail pieces aimed at stakeholders for OU Recruitment Services.

The two different demographics I targeted with my mailers were incoming University of Oklahoma freshmen from the North Texas metropolitan area and parents of incoming University of Oklahoma freshmen from the North Texas metropolitan area.

For my first mailer, I tried to create a piece that utilized photos to show how much fun OU students have and gave brief text summaries of different ways these prospective freshman could get involved on campus.

For my second mailer, I aimed to appeal to the emotions of parents letting their children go off to college, giving visuals referring to Oklahoma and using the tagline “Far away enough to visit… But still close enough to call home!”

I personally found this assignment to be much more challenging than the first. Arranging the different pieces of my mailers was a challenge, but I support my finished product. I utilized various clean, borderless photos for a clean look and kept my text font constant to invoke repetition.

I’m going to sleep now.

Prospective Student Direct Mailer

Prospective Student Parent Direct Mailer

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OU Parents and Prospective Students Direct Mailer


When I started to design Mailer 1 I decided to choose rural Oklahoma high school students as my target public. I grew up in a small town in southwestern Oklahoma, so I wanted to design something that would have appealed to me in high school. Most schools in Oklahoma talk about small class sizes as one of their main advantages for rural Oklahoma students; however, I did not think that was as important to me. When I was in high school I expected college to have larger class sizes and for the course work to be tougher. I was more interested in choosing OU, because I felt like it was the most prestigious school in the state and had more opportunities. I added facts about study abroad to emphasize that students have a higher chance of studying abroad at OU than if they went to another school in Oklahoma and it is a way for them to see the world. I used a picture on the front in front of the union with a student who I said was from a town in western Oklahoma. It had a quote that said how much he loved OU, because he felt like it was a great atmosphere. On the back is where I listed my facts and included a picture of Oklahoma with Cleveland County highlighted for students from different counties to compare from their counties. The Mailer 2 was directed for parents of students who just got accepted to OU. It has a welcoming letter to ease the parents’ anxieties they get about their child going to college on the front. The back has a reminder of things they need to be thinking about before their child leaves like: FASFA, enrollment, scholarships and housing. I did not go deep into detail with it. I just said, “Have you made your checklist yet?” to keep it simple, but at the same time get them thinking about what the next step is. I feel like I am finally picking up InDesign and starting to enjoy working in it; however, I am still lost with Photoshop. That is one thing that I think could have made my design better by using my own pictures of small towns in Oklahoma with Photoshop to make it more personal.

mailer1back mailer2back mailer2jpg1507848_10152233716573459_1298512553_n (2)

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Assignment 2- Mailers

This second assignment that was assigned in my PR Publications class was to make two postcards that would be sent to stakeholders. For this assignment I had to really hone in on exactly which stakeholders would receive this mailer and how the message would directly target them.

For my first mailer I decided to make a postcard for the University of Oklahoma’s Panhellenic Association Formal Recruitment that happens every fall semester. This organization oversees and monitors the 11 different sororities that are here on OU’s campus. This mailer is made specifically for women who are 17-23 that have been accepted to the university. This demographic is looking for how they can get involved when they arrive and Greek life is a great way to do that. I kept the design very colorful and fun so that is caught the eye of a woman who was in this age range. I filled the front with pictures and made the design look like a collage, almost as if it was a bulletin board that they could have in their room. I wanted these women to see these pictures and feel like they could be in them or these could be pictures that they could put up on their wall someday. With all the color on the front I kept the back very simple but repeated the use of the bright pink and orange to tie it to the design on the front. I separated the information into the who, what, when, and where about Formal Recruitment. I felt that this would be the best way to answer their questions and then refer them to the Panhellenic’s webpage to learn more, or register to take part in Formal Recruitment.

Postcard 1 Postcard 12


The second mailer I made was specifically for parents, around ages 38-50, whose daughter have registered for Formal Recruitment. Most parents are pretty clueless when it comes to being apart of a sorority or fraternity so I wanted to make a mailer that gave them a few positive statistics about it and then refer them to the Panhellenic’s webpage to learn more about what their daughter might be apart of. I made this a lot cleaner because I wanted it to look more official. I went with a crimson and white color scheme to match other mailers that parents may have received so they would feel comfortable about it being from the university. I didn’t want it to seem too busy, but I still wanted to keep the idea of having a lot of pictures that they could see their daughter possibly taking part of in the near future. The back is very simple and more a teaser with some information to get parents to start looking into the Greek system and what it is all about.



This assignment was quite a challenge for me. At first I had no clear idea how I wanted either of these mailers to look, which was the opposite in the last assignment I did. I knew that my stakeholders were very clear and wanted the same information, but different designs appealed to each demographic. I learned a lot about using the drop shadow and rotate abilities on inDesign with this assignment, which I really enjoyed. After I played around with both designs and put pictures in different places I finally ended up with two front designs that I was happy with. The back side of each mailer was really easy since I wanted to keep it simple but stay with a similar color scheme. All in all I’m very happy with the way both turned out.

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Assignment Two – Direct Mailer

Direct Mailer One: Potential Petroleum and Geological Engineering students

Direct Mailer edited2

Direct Mailer edited

Direct Mailer Two: Potential Legacies




For this assignment, students were asked to create two direct mailers aimed at different stakeholders. I decided to appeal to the high school legacies (children or siblings of past/present students) and incoming students who had taken the Petroleum and Geological Engineering tour here on campus.

The first one I made was for incoming students who plan to be engineers. I found out that the college has a specific tour on campus for incoming freshman where the Mewbourne school explains the program and tours the building. Because this was such a defined target, I had a hard time finding pictures that would work well with the mailer. I ended up going to the college and taking a couple pictures myself. I then picked one and made it the background for the front of the mailer. I also recreated the logo found on the website and added contrast by creating white boxes for text. I conducted research on the college’s website and found a million things that I would’ve liked to mention, but because space was limited, I stuck with the simple “ranked among the top five degrees in the country.” For the back, I used one of the textures given to add more of an engineering feel and left space for an address and stamp. I also put a return address and found an animation of a rig that I made red to match our colors. The main purpose of this mailer is to thank students for taking the tour and to remind them of what the college has to offer. While potential students are trying to choose their school or major, I think it’s important to always be on their mind.

The second mailer I made was for children or siblings of past or present students. I wanted to play along with the idea of Tradition so I mentioned it on the front and back of the card. OU has a large amount of traditions and by becoming a Sooner, the family member would not only be apart of campus traditions, but also extend family traditions. I also wanted to keep it as simple as possible so I kept the phrases short. (Again, I found so many wonderful graphs and phrases, but knew I wouldn’t have the space or time.) Basically, I wanted to call these possible students to action by scheduling a tour of the campus. The back of the card took the most time, but also ended up being the side I was most proud of. Initially, I wanted to do the same kind of design as the mailer before, but for some reason, was having trouble with the textures. I played around a little and ended up making the background of the back an image at a football game tinted it red to still be able to write stuff on it. I’m actually very proud with the end result. I then recreated the logo found on the Future Sooners page and placed three different requests. (Look at us, visit us, become one of us.) I also tried to add on to the color scheme by placing dashes in the top and bottom. For the front, I tried to keep the red color going by choosing a background image that had red in it. However, first I had to doctor the image by smudging out the light post  that stuck out in the middle of the blank space. I then added the OU logo and the emblem I found on the school website that Oklahoma is one of the top university in the nation according to U.S. News.

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Assignment 2




Mailer for the University of Oklahoma directed towards parents sending their students to OU.

student lifefront

student lifeback


Mailer for the University of Oklahoma directed towards high school seniors highly considering OU.

For the mailer directed towards parents, I wanted to keep it simple. The front contains a beautiful picture of the OU library. At the top, I wanted the words to look like they were almost a part of the clouds. I also wanted the OU logo at the bottom to fit into the overall design without taking away from the picture. On the back, I have a personal note towards the parents who are sending their kids off to OU. I know when my parents were sending me off, they constantly wanted to be reassured that I would be safe. I included a website on the back side where parents can visit and gain all the information they need. Again, I didn’t want to make the design too complex so that parents would not be overwhelmed. I used white space on the back of the mailer to give it an organized look.

For the mailer directed towards high school seniors, I added a little more design concepts along with more color. I want these high school seniors to be excited about attending OU. I gave a step by step process on the front of the mailer about applying to OU. I also included steps on what to do after you’ve been accepted because this mailer is directed towards the students who have OU very high on their college list. I wanted to make the Twitter and Facebook logos very large because this age group uses these two social media sites often.

This assignment was different than the first for many reasons. We had to narrow down our audiences and make them more specific. We didn’t have as much space as we had for assignment one to fill with a lot of text. We had to give a large amount of information in a small mailer while also trying not to making anything too complex. I feel as though I made great strides in improving my Indeisgn skills. I moved a lot quicker because I knew how to incorporate text, color and pictures. I also learned how to crop on Photoshop which made designing the mailers a lot easier as well.


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Designing for Emotion Chapter 7: Risk & Reward

At the beginning of the chapter it discusses taking risks with who you are working for. It used the example of the CoffeeCup easter egg hunt on their website. This potentially could have been something that was a huge fail. But, the company took the risk and gained a huge profit from it. Customers spent hours on the website participating in this easter egg hunt. Their website page views grew a great amount and the company’s social media gained a profit too. Something simple and fun like this can make a huge difference to a company.

Although I disagree that many bosses in today’s society will never allow certain changes to websites, it is always a good idea to try. Reading this book gave me great ideas for the future when approaching people above me about new ideas. I can even reference this book when in discussion.

Reading this book was very eye-opening. I am more confident when it comes to my own design ideas because this book allowed me to understand that design takes time. Not everybody can produce the perfect design in the first try. It gave great examples of design concepts that have worked out great for certain companies and I plan on taking this advice with me as I move past my college days.

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