Assignment 5: Designing a Dynamic Social Media Page

Students will pick an organization, preferably one that is lesser known and is not very present in the social media world, and they will create a social media site for that organization through an outlet of their choosing (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Students should design the page in accordance with the personality of the organization as well as inserting some of their personal flare to the design.

Specific Requirements:

15 image minimum

Good full bio that tells the whole story of the organization concisely

Any materials posted that are relevant to organization and would be interesting to public

Logo used in appropriate places

Image of the organization needs to be put in a positive light

Points will be given for emotionally provocative designs

This is a 3 star level assignment seeing as it takes some expertise with branding and the deep knowledge of how to use a specific social tool \

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Reflection on Class

I have really enjoyed this class. I enjoy any class, be they ever so rare, that teaches me a hard skill. too much of my college life has been spent talking about ideas and hardly any has been spent teaching me things that make me employable. You can’t put theories on a resume, but you can put “good at InDesign”.

I want to be a sports information director. This job produces a lot of content for websites and paper on gamedays. SOOO much of what we do is done on InDesign and so I am grateful to have had this class (but also disappointed that there aren’t more computer skills classes in Gaylord… It’s 2014!). I feel like I went from a very basic knowledge of InDesign to feeling confident that I could produce the documents I would need to in my profession. Adam was a great instructor and very knowledgeable about the program.

I wish we would have spent some time on Photoshop but I realize that the class is really too short to cover both programs sufficiently. OU needs to have 3-4 classes for teaching software in Gaylord.

I enjoyed the lab format of the class. I was free to work at my own pace but I could ask questions if I had any.

I plan to use the website that we created in my job search. I think that it will be a real asset when I am applying for jobs around the country and it might just put me over the top. I am going to keep updating my portfolio as I go. I probably wont use the blog section but you never know.

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The non-student me

So something that people probably don’t know about me is that I volunteer with a local Boy Scout troop. I was a Scout growing up and I got my Eagle Award. I really valued the knowledge and skills that Scouting taught me and I want to give some of that back.

I think in today’s world that it is a good thing to teach young men outdoor skills and to teach them a love nature and the outdoors. That way they can grow up to responsible stewards of our natural resources. I also think that Scouting teaching values unlike any other organization. You can’t just send you kid to school and trust that they will learn how to be a good person. SCouting teaches honor, integrity, citizenship, the value of serving others, honesty and independence. THings that are lacking in our society. DOing all this in a setting of fun and outdoorsmanship is a great experience for young kids.

I am really passionate about SCouting and I am glad that I can be part of it. I hope that the knowledge I give to those kids is valuable to them and it can be something that will shape them as people and help them to lead better lives.

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Freestyle Post

My name is Taylor Ashley and I am a 21 year old Junior and President of the Kappa Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated here at the University of Oklahoma. Delta was founded on January 13, 1913 by 22 collegiate women on the campus of Howard University in Washington D.C. The Kappa Alpha […]

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Special Interest Magazine


I think a good assignment for my PR Publications class would be to make a magazine. I know that the other classes do a magazine, and I think it would be a cool way to showcase our talents even more. I think this would probably be a 4 on the scale of 1-5. It would just be extremely time consuming; however, I think t would be a great way for us to dig deeper into our passions. For example, I would probably try to make a men’s fitness and health magazine. I would include workouts, recipes, and other health related topics. I really liked doing the newsletter, and I feel like this would be similar. The main difference would be that we would not be writing for an organization.



Create a 5-page sample magazine over a topic you are passionate about. Include a catching cover with slogan and pictures. Include two feature stories, one instructional/advice and the one story over something in the news(pop culture, politics, business, etc.). There will be three weeks to finish the assignment.

Blog post: write one refection blog post.

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PR Publications Class


This has honestly been one of my favorite classes since I have been in college. I feel like I learned a lot more than I have in most of my other PR classes, because I had more independent thinking. I was able to discover my creative side and do projects over things that I am passionate about. I had never used photoshop or Indesign before this class, and I hated the programs at first; however, I really like them now. The favorite thing I learned about this semester was the concepts presented in the book “Designing for Emotion,” It was very interesting and if you read my previous blogs you will be able to understand some of the ideas the author wrote about. I think the thing I am the most excited about is that I have this awesome website to show to future employers and family/friends. I definitely never thought I would be a blogger, but I think I will continue to use it this summer to document my experiences. I also want to study abroad and this would be a perfect way to share with my audience. I think ultimately this will become a blog for me to just write about my thoughts on issues and tie it in with my religious views as well!

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My Summer Adventure


Hey friends!

School is almost out for the summer. We just have to get through a week of finals and then we are good to go! I cannot even express how excited/nervous I am to be moving down to Dallas, Texas, in 15 days. I took a paid internship position with JCPenney Corporate in Fairview. It is the Emerging LEader program,and basically I will be working closely with the management team for 10 weeks at the Fairview store next to the Allen Outlet mall. I do not start work until the 1oth of June though, so I will be living in Dallas for pretty much a month before I start working. I am really excited, because I know a lot of people down there and it will be a great way to get my feet wet and make new connections. My 22nd birthday is June 5, and I think I may also be taking an adventure to Austin. I have never been before, but I can’t wait to wear an OU t-shirt when I get there! I feel like this will be a great opportunity for me and an awesome adventure before I start my senior year. I am living on SMU’s campus, so hopefully I meet a lot of people and make new friends!

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How to Make a Website


Hey everyone,

This was the first website I have ever made (unless you count Myspace). Overall, it was a lot of fun for me. It allowed me to be creative and showcase some of my favorite things. In order to make a website you have to first purchase a domain and then give it a name. was already taken so I took tmmahoney. The M in the middle stands for my middle name Martin. Next, download WordPress and then add a theme to it. For our assignment we were asked to make a portfolio that we could show to future employers. We first made an about me page, which is just a background about you. Then, we added a portfolio page that you put documents that you have created in for examples. We also have a resume page and a blog page with different post. The homepage should have a creative logo that relates to you. I did my initials and decided to make the colors like the OKC Thunder, because they are my favorite NBA team. You will also install widgets that serve different purposes. I mainly used the widgets to have a way for people to easily follow me on social media. You will also want to put a photo slider in. I used three photos that displayed my interests. The last thing I did was mini-features. I decided to incorporate my leadership strengths that I discovered by taking the StrengthsQuest test online. I put my four strengths in with different headings and described them. This is a fun project. It takes a lot of time and effort; however, it is very rewarding in the end, because you feel very accomplished with yourself. Plus, you get to reflect on who you are.

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