Assignment 1: Business Card and Letterhead

During the course of this assignment, I faced many challenges. First, and foremost, regardless of it being my fourth year in Gaylord, I am not a Mac user, so getting to know a new computer system was already an obstacle to overcome. Not to mention I had never used InDesign or any other type of photo-editing program in my life. Therefore, I had a lot of hurdles to go over during the course of this project. 


The first week was frustrating, to say the least. I had no idea what I was doing or how to get what was in my head on to paper. I had so many grandiose ideas that I just couldn’t conceptualize with my little knowledge of the program. By week 2 I had settled on a simpler design – something more achievable.

Being a Dell subscriber, I could not work on this project outside of class. Furthermore, living in the city meant I could only work on this project when I was in Norman – two days a week. This was specifically hard for me because I am more of an at-home learner. In other words, when inspiration strikes I like to be able to live in “the now” and work on it right away.

By the end of week three I really found my groove. Something kind of clicked in my head during class, and I ended up with an hour and a half break until my next class, so I went to the lab and got to work. I finally felt like I was getting the hang of things; my letterhead basically did itself. I’m still no master, but I do feel like I can hold my own.

Overall, I’m proud of my first go around with InDesign. I’m also actually excited to see what the future holds between me and this program!

Business CardBusiness Card2Letterhead

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