Assignment One: Business Card and Letterhead

So assignment one is finally completed! I can’t believe how fast the time flew by. Although this was my first time to ever use InDesign, in my opinion I think it went pretty well! In the beginning, it was hard to grasp some of the concepts, but now I feel like I’ve gotten the hang of things.

For this assignment, we had to make a business card and letterhead for an organization. Over the past three years, I have worked with OU’s Campus Activities Council (CAC) Soonerthon. This year, I am on the executive committee of the recruitment team, and I feel like I have a personal relationship with many members of my committee. The business card and letterhead are tied to this organization by the use of logos and information provided on both of these documents. The target recipients of the business card would be businesses that we ask to sponsor the event and adults or students who want to learn more about CAC Soonerthon. The letterhead would be sent to all of the participants from the past few years, and would encourage students to sign up once again. Additionally, the letterhead could be sent to new participants as well to increase their interest in the event.

Throughout this assignment, I was able to use my knowledge of design concepts and apply them to my business card and letterhead. First for both of my documents, I wanted them to be clean-cut and not be cluttered by lots of information or images. I made sure the colors and font matched the logo and worked well together. In addition, I wanted everything to be aligned with each other, thus helping the documents appear clean.

For the business card, I envisioned the logo appearing on the front of the business card with all of the necessary information for the public to know. I made the front of the business card match the color of the logo, navy blue, and also used red Charcoal font to display my name, title, address, email, phone number and website address. In addition, I made the back of the card simple to understand. The white background helps the Children’s Miracle Network logo stand out, and the public is provided with the website once again. The contrast between the two sides gives the card a pop of color and a professional appearance. I aligned the information by what I thought looked clean and clear to the reader. All of the information is relevant and provides the important facts one needs to know about CAC Soonerthon. I also made sure that I used repetition on the business card and letterhead by using the same logos, fonts, and colors to make them similar to each other. Lastly, I used my space appropriately and the grouping of the information is logical. Below is my business card for CAC Soonerthon:

Final Business Card - Pubs BlogFront of the business card for CAC Soonerthon

Final Business Card - Pubs Blog2Back of the business card for CAC Soonerthon

For the letterhead, I envisioned a similar look to the business card to show that the two documents are related to each other. For this document, I aligned the text on the top of the letterhead to match and align with the height of the balloon logo. After that, I made the rest of the document look like a news release that could be sent out in a newsletter. The continued block of text is easy to read, and helps the reader be able to follow along easily. At the bottom of the page, I made sure to include the CAC Soonerthon logo to show that this news release is sponsored by CAC Soonerthon, and the color of the logo stands out on the page as contrast. Once again, I used the same logos, font, and colors as a source of repetition, as well as used all the space necessary to make this letterhead clear and organized. Additionally, the news release provides relevant information about CAC Soonerthon to the public, and gives more insight to this organization. Below is my letterhead for CAC Soonerthon:

Final Letterhead Pubs BlogLetterhead for CAC Soonerthon (click on image to make bigger)

Overall, I thought this assignment was very interesting and fun. In the beginning, I actually thought it was going to be extremely hard and did not even know where to begin. I tried to get the logo early on from my source, but then heard nothing from the organization so I had to be patient and start working on other parts of the assignment. I would say that getting the logo was the part I was most stuck on, but I also was stuck on InDesign sometimes. I did not always know what to do in some situations, and had to ask for help. While doing this assignment, I would say I learned a lot about InDesign, and how to work the program. I still have a lot to learn, but for now I feel a little more confident in using it. I also learned that I always need to make sure I schedule enough time in and out of class to work on assignments. After I learned more about InDesign, I would say overall it was easier than I thought it was going to be. I truly enjoyed this assignment, and feel like I learned alot! I look forward to learning more and seeing what we do next in this class.

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