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Assignment One- Business Card & Letterhead

Business Card:


Business Card2


Business Card22


Letterhead Letterhead2


    When choosing a company to use for Assignment One, I tried to think of a company that was in some way connected to me and that also may have needed the help. I decided to go with my boyfriend’s sister’s company Blissful–an online boutique that sells women’s clothing via Facebook. Not only do I have a real passion for clothes and shopping, but I was also immediately drawn to the company’s  unique way of business and affordable prices.
    I had a great time creating a business card and letterhead from the original design of the logo which used bright shades of green and blue, along with a very doily-type framing design. Boutiques, in general, are different from other retail stores in that they provide unique clothing at a higher quality and so I tried to recreate that element of uniqueness into the design.
    For both projects, I started by cropping the doily design from the logo–leaving just the name for the top of the card. I did this because I felt that the grand design of the doily took the eye away from what the card was really trying to accomplish, which was to get the name out there. I did, however, use the design for other parts of the card and letterhead by rotating the image and placing in on the side of the card (making it bleed off), which helped it look more like an element rather than the focus. Because this is a Facebook company, I also chose to list the necessary information to cater towards this including an image of the Facebook logo and the URL to the page, while not including a mailing address.
Although I know there are still some things that could look better (like the back of the business card), I am very proud of my work overall and hope that Blissful will feel the same.

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