Brochure Assignment


Design a brochure that can be folded into three’s. The front of the brochure should catch someones eye, excite them and make them want to read all six parts of the brochure. Make sure to include a contact page with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles. Pictures should be added to give visual appeal and should have cutlines. The brochure will be handed out for a calendar year, make sure things aren’t “recent” news, but could be used for an entire year. Students will pick their organization to create a brochure for and use InDesign or Photoshop.


Design (70 points): The design should be made with InDesign and/or Photoshop and should look like a professional brochure ready to print. This brochure should have excellent use of color, white space, layout and should be free of any typographical errors. Students are to show knowledge of all topic mentioned in class thus far.

Self Reflection (30 points): Explain your brochure and how it would be effective for the organization. Explain your concept of design and why you used colors that you used. How is this brochure helpful for the audience reading it? Explain your journey through the creation process. What have you learned? How was this project different than other projects? Make sure to explain what you have learned in past projects that you were able to apply to your brochure.

Difficulty Rating: I would give this project 3 stars because I think that it is hard to develop something that is used for an entire year. Brochures need information that matter for the entire year, not information that could be thrown out within two weeks. I think students with proper InDesign knowledge will be able to design a printable brochure but it will be a challenge. Knowing what piece of information or picture to use on what side is tough. I would allow two weeks for this assignment and should be given after proper instruction on InDesign and Photoshop have been given.

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