Bye Bye PR Pubs!

I can’t believe that Public Relations Publications is ending. This was honestly my favorite class that I have taken while attending the University of Oklahoma. This class has expanded my knowledge on InDesign and Photoshop and I know that will help me when I enter the workplace. These skills are valuable and necessary for a public relations major and I am so glad we spent time learning these concepts and how to perfect our products.

I enjoyed having our classroom in a lab where we could work and ask questions when needed. This helped me, as a public relations practitioner, understand when to use certain concepts and when to refrain from them. I thoroughly enjoyed having a small classroom as well. I think the bond that our classroom created was helpful in my success in the class because I was not afraid to ask their opinion on my product. I wish more classes were set up this way because getting feedback on your work only helps a student. The assignments given during the semester pushed me to become better acquainted with InDesign and Photoshop. I learned how to do things on the programs that I thought only professionals could do.

I think what we learned in Public Relations Publications was very valuable for a public relations practitioner and will be used throughout our careers. Blogging every week helped me understand the importance of using a blog and I think I will continue to use my site past this class. I will direct it towards weddings I love, wedding ideas and more, just to get my name out there before I even begin my career. This class was tough at some points, but overall I think the class was by far the best class at OU, and honestly maybe the most important one. I can’t wait to put my knowledge into action during my career and continuing on with the blog that we were able to create.

Originally posted at Claire White