Project 1 – Business Card & Letterhead

For our first project in JMC 3433, we were given the task of making a business card and a letterhead. We also used our designing skills to make an electronic email through MailChimp.

I decided to create my project for the dance studio I teach at in Oklahoma City called Everything Goes Dance Studio. I have been teaching at this studio since October. I wanted to encompass the fun and exciting atmosphere the studio provides for its students while also making a professional product. This was not an easy task. The logo of Everything Goes Dance Studio is very bold and bright with lots of colors. This was easy to work with when I wanted to express how fun the dance studio was, but not so easy when I wanted to create a professional product (due to the excessive amounts of color).

My audience for the business card and letterhead is potential clients to the dance studio, or current clients. Realizing my audience is what made me personally realize that the excessive color and interesting font would fit my audience perfectly. These products would be sent to people who either want to experience what the dance studio is like, or already know the studios personality. It was at this point that I was finally able to have fun with my design and really cater to the clients needs instead of stressing about it looking extremely professional.

I used the logo in my designs because it is on all of the studio merchandise, and is the symbol of the studio. I kept the same color schemes of the logo fir the text in my design because I believed it represented the fun and exhilarating characteristics of the studio. I used fun and different fonts for the same reason, and believe it will really catch viewer’s eyes. I also created a slogan or catch phrase for the studio, “Won’t You Dance With Us?”

For MailChimp I created an email costume letter. Usually the studio prints copies of the letter and gives them to the students in hopes that they will make it to their parents. With MailChimp; however, I would be able to send the letter to all of the parent’s emails very quickly and efficiently without going through the students. I am very glad that I learned about MailChimp, and I definitely plan to use it in the future.

Overall, I learned so much about design through this process. As my first project, I was expecting for frustration to be a part of the process, and it definitely was. But I also learned about different software and applications, as well as how to cater to my audience while also pleasing the owner of a business.

Below are my final products.




Business Card Back

Back of Business Card

Business Card Front


Font of Business Card

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Business Card and Letterhead

BC Final Letterhead Assignment Final The business card is tied to the brand through giving contact information about the president of the organization as well as providing the organizations logo and slogan. The letterhead tied into the brand through almost the same things, contact information, logo and slogan, but also gives some insight on an […]

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Assignment 1: Business Card and Letterhead

During the course of this assignment, I faced many challenges. First, and foremost, regardless of it being my fourth year in Gaylord, I am not a Mac user, so getting to know a new computer system was already an obstacle to overcome. Not to mention I had never used InDesign or any other type of photo-editing program in my life. Therefore, I had a lot of hurdles to go over during the course of this project. 


The first week was frustrating, to say the least. I had no idea what I was doing or how to get what was in my head on to paper. I had so many grandiose ideas that I just couldn’t conceptualize with my little knowledge of the program. By week 2 I had settled on a simpler design – something more achievable.

Being a Dell subscriber, I could not work on this project outside of class. Furthermore, living in the city meant I could only work on this project when I was in Norman – two days a week. This was specifically hard for me because I am more of an at-home learner. In other words, when inspiration strikes I like to be able to live in “the now” and work on it right away.

By the end of week three I really found my groove. Something kind of clicked in my head during class, and I ended up with an hour and a half break until my next class, so I went to the lab and got to work. I finally felt like I was getting the hang of things; my letterhead basically did itself. I’m still no master, but I do feel like I can hold my own.

Overall, I’m proud of my first go around with InDesign. I’m also actually excited to see what the future holds between me and this program!

Business CardBusiness Card2Letterhead

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Assignment 1 Reflection

Letterhead sooner housing

Back of card: Business Card back side


Front of card:  Business Card front

This first assignment was much more challenging than I would have ever imagined. The software was actually surprisingly easy to get the hang of but I have so much more respect for web designers now that I see how difficult it is. I made a business card and letterhead for the Sooner Housing and Food department here at the university. I believe I reflected the brand of the university well enough by using the correct crimson color that students here value as well as using graphics that students here would recognize such as the pictures of the dorms. The target recipient of the card is freshmen who are new to the dorms. These freshmen may need assistance whether it be questions about upcoming events or just genera questions about the university. The card gives them contact information of someone that can help them with those problems and even provides them with a map just incase they are living in the student apartments farther away. It was designed for super new students to the university to be as simple as possible in order for freshmen to get their questions answered in a timely and efficient manner. I tried to use the correct repetition of the color as well as images of the dorms to remind freshmen that this is the person to contact with any questions regarding dorm or university questions. To start I just started messing around with different alignments until I found one that was aesthetically pleasing. It was rather difficult to get good quality images. I contacted student housing for the Housing and Food logo that is on the card as well as the letterhead. They said the image was the highest quality one they had but it is severally lacking in quality and in turn makes the final product look tainted. Overall it was a great learning experience and a good first step in my design practice.

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Assignment One

Letter Head


Business Card (front)

Business Card (front)

Business Card (back)

Business Card (back)

The target audience for my business card and letterhead were the regular spectators that attend the Byron Nelson Classic Championship golf tournament each year. These are the people that really care about the sport of golf and want as many updates as possible about the tournament and who they need to contact with any questions.

When I worked at this golf tournament, I noticed that most of the spectators were of an older age. I kept this in mind when I was designing my letterhead and business card. I knew that I didn’t need to make them too wild. Golf is a very preppy sport and needs to be kept very professional. I also knew that the older audience would appreciate a simple business card along with an easy to read letterhead. I kept the theme of the white, light blue and lime green on both projects. I didn’t want to add any more colors because this would take away from the main tournament colors. I used repetition by putting the image of the Byron Nelson man on the side of the letterhead as well. There is a lot of white space on both assignments which creates organization for the reader. Nothing about either of the assignments is too busy.

I learned a lot while doing this assignment. Although business cards and letterheads seem to be very simple, I realized that there is still a lot of thought that goes into play when creating them. It became a little difficult when I realized that I had to change logos halfway through the assignment. But, I was able to finish in time with two well-organized finished products. Learning how to work in-design was difficult at times but I am glad that I know how to work it now.

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