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I think a good assignment for my PR Publications class would be to make a magazine. I know that the other classes do a magazine, and I think it would be a cool way to showcase our talents even more. I think this would probably be a 4 on the scale of 1-5. It would just be extremely time consuming; however, I think t would be a great way for us to dig deeper into our passions. For example, I would probably try to make a men’s fitness and health magazine. I would include workouts, recipes, and other health related topics. I really liked doing the newsletter, and I feel like this would be similar. The main difference would be that we would not be writing for an organization.



Create a 5-page sample magazine over a topic you are passionate about. Include a catching cover with slogan and pictures. Include two feature stories, one instructional/advice and the one story over something in the news(pop culture, politics, business, etc.). There will be three weeks to finish the assignment.

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Assignment Five: Design Your Own Movie Poster

I am a huge fan of film. I have written my own full-length screenplay, written and directed a comedic short film and the first season of a comedic short web series, in addition to currently working on multiple other projects.

For this fifth assignment, select any picture that you believe would be appealing to moviegoers about a feature film about your own life. The picture must have you in it and not be explicit in any way (that is, sexually explicit, violent, containing drugs or alcohol, profane, etc.) . Save your desired image in InDesign as a JPeg and then begin designing your own movie poster!

You must give your film a creative title, as well as list the “stars” of your film. These can either be the names of real people that are major parts of the story you wish to tell, or celebrities that you have “cast” as the real people in your life. You may also wish to bill yourself as the director in your film. In addition to the cast, you should probably list a studio or individual that will serve as your film’s producer. This can be an actual film producer, or you can list yourself (or even your parents, if that’s how you want to play it!).

Your poster must be visually appealing and serve as a proper print advertisement for a film, but the rest is up to you. Take any stylistic approaches you wish, and have fun!

I would probably give this assignment a one-star difficulty. I wished to create a fun assignment, not necessarily a difficult one.

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