Assignment Three – Newsletter

For this assignment I chose to do my sorority Gamma Phi Beta.

What began as a newsletter for the sorority nationally, kind of turned into a newsletter for solely the members of my chapter. So there may be a little disconnect between stories…

I found this assignment fun, yet very challenging and I hate to admit that it may not be my best work overall, but I am pleased with my designs. It was hard to find time to write 500 word stories and then work design into it as well, so I left some of the pages to address announcements more than stories. (I’m ok with any point deductions for that).

I tried to use colors that were fun and girly,  but some of them (the coal color for the last page, the title, and the text for page 3) had a very hard time showing up on the dropbox submission. It appeared white, which of course, is the opposite contrast color that I was going for. :/

Anyways, it might be helpful to let you know that the official colors for our sorority are brown and mode, our flower is the pink carnation and our symbol is the crescent moon. Thus, I chose to name my newsletter “The Carnation” and applied many of our symbols and themes throughout the project. I also tried to keep somewhat of a constant theme among all the color choices so I decided to apply dots to a number of the pages for alignment.

The first page was the easiest, because I chose to put a letter from the editor (me) about my experience with the sorority now that I am about to leave it. I chose to add a textured background and make it pink which I think turned out pretty well. The last page was pretty easy too. I went on the website to find ideas and found that they were calling members to register for the convention this summer. I took a screenshot of the Seattle design and then, after noticing the amount of twitter they were throwing at viewers, decided to screenshot some of those as well and add them to the margin.  The middle two pages were the most difficult–mostly because I couldn’t figure out what to write about. I decided to go with an inspirational story I found in the sorority’s magazine about a freshman G Phi who paced first in a triathlon. Then I left the third page for upcoming announcements.

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Assignment Three: Newsletter

Assignment 3 - Newsletter - UPDATED!!! Assignment 3 - Newsletter - UPDATED!!!2 Assignment 3 - Newsletter - UPDATED!!!3 Assignment 3 - Newsletter - UPDATED!!!4


For my third assignment in PR Publications, I had to compile a newsletter about an organization. I selected, surprise, surprise, SuperAmerica as my aforementioned company.

I really liked the simple design that I used for assignment one (my business card and corporate letterhead). It was clean and minimalistic to me, so I elected to use it again. I kept the blue and red stripes as a running theme, spreading across the tops of every page in my newsletter, as well as at the bottom of the fourth page.

I broke up every story, just because I had never done that before and I enjoyed experimenting. I used multiple (three, I believe) pull quotes because I also like how they look. Additionally, I used three subheads in my third story.

I used five pictures in my newsletter. Three were from the SuperAmerica website and two were just from google images. Pictures weren’t too big of an issue for me this time around.

I would say that the hardest part of this assignment for me personally was simply how, whenever you change even the tiniest of things on one page, you must adjust many other things on the same, or sometimes even different, page as well. things are packed so tightly that everything fits together like a puzzle, and it is your job as the created to make sure all of the pieces fit correctly.



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DU Spring Newsletter


Hey everyone,

Out of all the assignments I have done so far in my PR Publications class this has been my favorite. I feel like I am starting to understand InDesign better and I am beginning to enjoy working with it. I even downloaded the trial version to my computer so I could use it for other things. I felt like the stories were easy for me to write because I had key parts in all of them and they were about my organization, Delta Upsilon. For my stories I decided to write about Sooner Scandals, The awards banquet coming up and the IHQ internship that DU offers. My target audience is our alumni and active members of the Oklahoma Chapter with maybe a few views from other chapter/IHQ. I did a couple interviews and used several quotes to make it more personal for my audience hearing accounts from people like them.  For the design process I used blue and gold stripes, because they are DU’s colors and I also incorporated our four founding principles into the first page. I used the Delta Upsilon emblem in the header and decided to name the newsletter “The Quarterly- Oklahoma Chapter.” Our international newsletter is called the quarterly and it is published four times a year; however, we do not really have a newsletter for the Oklahoma Chapter. During capital campaigns they send out newsletters twice per year, but they are more geared towards raising money and for alumni. That letter is called the Sooner DU.  In the background of the newsletter I faded out a picture of burnt paper and then put the DU crest in the center faded out to make it have a unique newsletter4 pub newsletter3 pub newsletter2 pub newsletter

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