My Website’s First Breath

I couldn’t agree more with Walters when he speaks to the importance of names and personality in an interface experience. When I read long, or technical names that need an abbreviation to be remembered, I often grow bored and begin to skim. All it takes is my eyes meeting a bad name and my attention […]

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Design is Bliss

I went around the University of Oklahoma today and took pictures of various landmarks to demonstrate why color, typography, function, symbolism and minimalism are important to consider when creating something memorable. Color: adds life and personality to any frame Typography/Style: works to create an image of the place, company or client it represents; often the […]

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It’s a Babys World After All

How interesting that the human psyche loves babies. I know it’s certainly hard for me to tell a wide-eyed, bald headed, tiny toed baby “No,” unless its for the child’s well-being. Whoever says taking candy from a baby is easy has clearly never tried it. Some scientists suggest “cuteness” is a baby’s first line of defense, I concur. If babies weren’t so gosh darn cute, it would be much harder to give them the affection they crave, and actually need for a healthy development. This is why many cartoons have big blinking eyes that somehow make adults suspend reality and  believe they are real for an instant.

Walter says, “The world is our mirror.” Everything we look at we look for an element of ourself in. This makes sense. When I chose my bed spread I looked for a pattern and texture that resonated with me. I think we not only look for ourself, but we become attached to objects or environments because it reminds us of loved ones. I want to live in a yellow house because it reminds me of my aunt, when I pick Oklahoma stickers out of my shoes it makes me smile in remembrance of my Grandpa. I don’t see myself in Oklahoma stickers or yellow houses, but then again, I do because I see someone important to me. This could become tricky when designing for a wide range of inevitably different people, but it proposes a fun element to design when the designer is able to create a character down to the style of house he/she might live in.

It could become very easy to get carried away in a masterpiece. My mom used to always tell me less is more. Less makeup is more beautiful, less syrup on pancakes and less pictures on the wall. I understand now that what she was trying to tell me was the more contrast I created the more pleasing the final product. Simplicity is sweet, especially on a  webpage. Designs get distracting and the more time it takes to finish a task, the less likely it is to be completed. As inventors, designers and trail blazers, if we can create something that mimics the heart of a human, is appealing, simple and easy to use, we will be successful.

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Design Blitz Scavenger Hunt

For this blog post I am going to post pictures I had to go find to complete a design scavenger hunt that my PR Publications teacher assigned. In this assignment we were required to find an example of several different design principles. The ones we had to find were color, typography, metaphor/symbol, minimalism, and form and function.









I chose this planner as an example of color because I like the use of these three colors. With the basic white and gray design and the coral accents it is simple and easy to follow the organization of the page.






I chose this sign as an example of typography because it is very clean and simple. The font is easy to read and understand.


Anchor Silhouette Take Your Picture

I chose this as an example of a metaphor or symbol because in my sorority the anchor is our symbol. For us it symbolizes the principles were we founded under and the bond we share with our sisters.



This is a good example of minimalism because it just uses the outline of Jack Sparrow and a plain background. It is a good poster for the movie Pirates of the Caribbean because anyone who has seen the movie will know that that is the silhouette of Jack Sparrow.



I chose this for form and function because the print on the buttons make it easy to know what buttons to press to work the television it goes to.


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