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This has honestly been one of my favorite classes since I have been in college. I feel like I learned a lot more than I have in most of my other PR classes, because I had more independent thinking. I was able to discover my creative side and do projects over things that I am passionate about. I had never used photoshop or Indesign before this class, and I hated the programs at first; however, I really like them now. The favorite thing I learned about this semester was the concepts presented in the book “Designing for Emotion,” It was very interesting and if you read my previous blogs you will be able to understand some of the ideas the author wrote about. I think the thing I am the most excited about is that I have this awesome website to show to future employers and family/friends. I definitely never thought I would be a blogger, but I think I will continue to use it this summer to document my experiences. I also want to study abroad and this would be a perfect way to share with my audience. I think ultimately this will become a blog for me to just write about my thoughts on issues and tie it in with my religious views as well!

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My Summer Adventure


Hey friends!

School is almost out for the summer. We just have to get through a week of finals and then we are good to go! I cannot even express how excited/nervous I am to be moving down to Dallas, Texas, in 15 days. I took a paid internship position with JCPenney Corporate in Fairview. It is the Emerging LEader program,and basically I will be working closely with the management team for 10 weeks at the Fairview store next to the Allen Outlet mall. I do not start work until the 1oth of June though, so I will be living in Dallas for pretty much a month before I start working. I am really excited, because I know a lot of people down there and it will be a great way to get my feet wet and make new connections. My 22nd birthday is June 5, and I think I may also be taking an adventure to Austin. I have never been before, but I can’t wait to wear an OU t-shirt when I get there! I feel like this will be a great opportunity for me and an awesome adventure before I start my senior year. I am living on SMU’s campus, so hopefully I meet a lot of people and make new friends!

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How to Make a Website


Hey everyone,

This was the first website I have ever made (unless you count Myspace). Overall, it was a lot of fun for me. It allowed me to be creative and showcase some of my favorite things. In order to make a website you have to first purchase a domain and then give it a name. was already taken so I took tmmahoney. The M in the middle stands for my middle name Martin. Next, download WordPress and then add a theme to it. For our assignment we were asked to make a portfolio that we could show to future employers. We first made an about me page, which is just a background about you. Then, we added a portfolio page that you put documents that you have created in for examples. We also have a resume page and a blog page with different post. The homepage should have a creative logo that relates to you. I did my initials and decided to make the colors like the OKC Thunder, because they are my favorite NBA team. You will also install widgets that serve different purposes. I mainly used the widgets to have a way for people to easily follow me on social media. You will also want to put a photo slider in. I used three photos that displayed my interests. The last thing I did was mini-features. I decided to incorporate my leadership strengths that I discovered by taking the StrengthsQuest test online. I put my four strengths in with different headings and described them. This is a fun project. It takes a lot of time and effort; however, it is very rewarding in the end, because you feel very accomplished with yourself. Plus, you get to reflect on who you are.

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PR Publications: A Reflection

After I publish this post, I will be done with PR Pubs, which is a weird thought.

I really wish more courses were like this one. Adam, you truly are a very good teacher. At the start of the semester, I genuinely had no experience with graphic design whatsoever and had no earthly clue on how to work InDesign, PhotoShop or anything. Now, leaving my junior year, I can genuinely say that I feel comfortable using these systems. This is because you didn’t tell us how to use them; you showed us. You actually taught us technical skills that will be of great use to us in the future, providing us with plenty of personal help and feedback along the way. Thank you for doing that.

I like writing for a public audience. I always have, even from the days of Writing for Mass Media. Being able to do this, along with design exactly how my words were conveyed to said audience was a great experience.

Alright. I’m keeping it short and sweet. And I’m sleep-deprived. This is Nick Edwards, signing off.

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Freestyle Post: The Marvel/DC Conundrum

My inner geek will totally shine through here, and I am very okay with that. Here goes.

I am a huge comic book and superhero buff. I love them. I started collecting comics wen I was in early elementary school and I still do today. Being a fan of superheroes, I have genuinely seen every superhero movie that has been released in the past ten years (except the really bad ones *cough*Catwoman*cough*

Now, while there are many comic book studios in the business (Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics being two great publishers), there are two major players in the game. These are DC Comics and Marvel Comics. In this post, I will be addressing the on-screen presences of these two studios and the issues plaguing both.

Recently (since 2008 to be specific) Marvel has experienced massive success on the silver screen. Starting with Iron Man in 2008, Marvel has built a cinematic franchise  that has grown to be the highest-grossing franchise of all time. This cinematic universe includes the box office-smashing Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Avengers franchises, as well as other films such as The Incredible Hulk and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, the ABC television series Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D., several short films, and four upcoming series exclusive to Netflix. Marvel Studios has layed out plans for continuing their cinematic universe well over ten years away and shows no sign of slowing down. With Marvel movies featuring many A-list celebrities, top-notch production values and record-setting sales numbers, Marvel is currently the undisputed cinematic comic king.

That brings us to DC Comics’ on-screen presence. DC has experienced some success as well, albeit to a much smaller degree. With Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy, DC managed to show that a comic book movie could be mature, and even be a contender for awards such as the Oscars. This all changed, however, the moment DC tried to follow Marvel’s path.

In 2013, Warner Brothers Studios released a Superman reboot titled Man of Steel. Response to this movie was very divided. Many fans were outraged at choices made for the character of Superman, among other issues. I personally really enjoyed the movie, but even I must acknowledge that the film had some major flaws.

Then, shortly after the release of Man of Steel, DC announced that the working title of their next movie in their cinematic universe would be Batman vs. Superman. The controversial choice to reboot the character of Batman, making him an entirely different character from that of Nolan’s critically acclaimed Batman, portrayed by Christian Bale, divided fans. This was coupled with the out-of-the blue casting of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. Upon learning that members of the Justice League, the DC equivalent version of Marvel’s Avengers, Wonder Woman and Cyborg would be in the movie, fans speculated that this movie would be a straight up Justice League film adaption. These rumors were quelled when DC just recently announced that an actual Justice League movie would be following Batman vs. Superman.

Now that I have broken down each studio’s strategies thus far, I will take time to point out their strengths and flaws thus far.

Marvel’s biggest flaw is clearly that many of the film rights to their most iconic franchises belong to other studios. Sony Pictures own the rights to Spider-Man while 20th Century Fox own the rights to the Fantastic Four, X-Men and Wolverine. Whole these franchises range from great (X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men: First Class, The Wolverine and Sam Raimi’s first two Spider-Man movies) to passable (The Amazing Spider-Man, a reboot) to bad (X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Spider-Man 3, Both Fantastic Four movies) in their own rights, fans have long been clamoring to see all of their favorite Marvel heroes in the same production, but due to the complex nature of film rights, it does not look as if this will ever happen. This honestly has been somewhat of a boon for Marvel studios, however. With their movies, Marvel has turned former B-list characters such as Iron Man and Thor into cultural icons.

DC is a different story altogether. Their plan is so scattered that I think even they do not know what is going on. DC experienced success with their Dark Knight trilogy, but their Green Lantern film was really just a crappy movie. Likewise, the television show Arrow is great, but fan reaction to Man of Steel is very divided. Now DC is hoping to follow in the steps of Marvel and create their own cinematic universe that is independent from both the Dark Knight trilogy, their Arrow and the (upcoming) Flash TV series and the Green Lantern movie. Is it wise to be jumping into the same pool as Marvel at such a late point in the game? I suppose fans will decide.


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Designing for Emotion Chapter 6

This chapter really interested me because I am very intrigued by crisis management and that is pretty much what this chapter goes over. It is a short chapter but it is very concise and easy to read. Reading the first couple pages I asked myself: This seems to be about apologizing after problems happen how does design tie into this concept?

It went on the explain that the best way to handle a problem is to communicate swiftly and honestly about what is going on. That is something we have always learned as future PR practitioners and it is good to reiterate it from time to time. I knew they would eventually bring design into the equation somehow and it gave the example of Flickr. The company had a small crisis when the uploading system got backed up and people couldn’t upload photos they wanted. Well in short Flickr made the problem into a contest where members could win a free year membership of Flickr Pro. It got peoples minds of the website being partially down and it was communicated within a timely manner. This was a very interesting and pretty much brilliant way of handling things the way I see it. It is like a clever distraction while the problem gets solved in the background.

What I took away from the chapter is that things need to be communicated clearly and in a timely manner when there is a crisis. Emotional design is what keeps the customers hooked. A company can have small hick ups but as long as they have engaging design to keep its loyal customers and they respond to the problem appropriately everything will be fine. flikr

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Assignment Five: Design Your Own Movie Poster

I am a huge fan of film. I have written my own full-length screenplay, written and directed a comedic short film and the first season of a comedic short web series, in addition to currently working on multiple other projects.

For this fifth assignment, select any picture that you believe would be appealing to moviegoers about a feature film about your own life. The picture must have you in it and not be explicit in any way (that is, sexually explicit, violent, containing drugs or alcohol, profane, etc.) . Save your desired image in InDesign as a JPeg and then begin designing your own movie poster!

You must give your film a creative title, as well as list the “stars” of your film. These can either be the names of real people that are major parts of the story you wish to tell, or celebrities that you have “cast” as the real people in your life. You may also wish to bill yourself as the director in your film. In addition to the cast, you should probably list a studio or individual that will serve as your film’s producer. This can be an actual film producer, or you can list yourself (or even your parents, if that’s how you want to play it!).

Your poster must be visually appealing and serve as a proper print advertisement for a film, but the rest is up to you. Take any stylistic approaches you wish, and have fun!

I would probably give this assignment a one-star difficulty. I wished to create a fun assignment, not necessarily a difficult one.

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Prude Ranch Summer Camp

This post is a segue from posting about stuff for my PR Publications class to posting about whatever the heck I want! This summer I will mostly be posting about my adventures as a counselor at Prude Ranch Summer Camp. Then after the summer is over I’ll write about my senior year and my transition into the professional world.

Prude Ranch Summer Camp is located in Fort Davis, Texas. It started out as a camp for boy scouts in 1951 by J.R. and Betty Prude. Before that it was a working cattle ranch and kept this dual purpose until the early 2000s. Now it just serves a historic land mark and summer camp for boys and girls ages 7-16. I was lucky enough to be a counselor last year after my two younger sisters had been campers there two years prior. I didn’t know it at the time I took the job, but working at Prude Ranch would be a life changing experience for me.


I’ll never forget my first day pulling up to the big wooden gates that you drive through to enter the ranch. I was excited and terrified all at once. I had always loved kids but I had never done anything like this before. I did not know a single person that I was about to work with nor had I ever attended this camp as an actual camper. I was in way over my head at first, but with the help of some more experienced counselors I got the hang of things real quick. I was accepted into the Prude Ranch family from the moment our summer together began and it was here that I made life changing friendships.

There’s something to be said about friendships that you make at summer camp. If you’ve ever been to any kind of summer camp then you know what I’m talking about. There’s something innately special about bonding with people in the outdoors and facing problems together. Whether it be facing fears or dealing with homesickness, the friendships you make at camp as a kid are binding. This is very true with a majority of counselors at Prude Ranch who have been friends since they were 7 and are now counselors together. Some counselors have gone to Prude Ranch every summer for 13 years. Thats more than half of our lives at this point and time.


Although I was a Prude Ranch rookie it did not take long for me to feel like an old veteran. From the minute I met this Prude Ranch family I was immediately accepted, loved, and encouraged. I’ve never met a more loving group of people in my life and that love spills out onto the amazing kids we get to spend our summer with. Our goal is to give each kid a special camp experience and send them home more independent and confident than when they came us. It was my goal to love on these awesome kids all summer. I was convinced that I would be changing lives, but what I didn’t realize is that they would also change mine. For a majority of the summer I was a counselor to the girls who were 13 and up. As a role model to my girls I realized a lot about myself. One is that I can handle 11 14 year-old girls all by myself, which trust me is not an easy task! But second is I learned a lot about the person I wanted to be. I wanted to be the confident and capable woman that my girls thought I was. They looked to me (and still do) for guidance in their lives. Whether it be which boy to go to the Thursday night dance with or talking about family issues. I am the nonjudgemental ear that these girls need at this age, because being a teenager is rough. It was this amazing growing and bonding experience that I had with these kids that made me decide I would come back another year.


So instead of taking a summer internship like most college students my age. I will be headed to Fort Davis to see my kiddos! I cannot wait to see my girls and Prude Ranch family. I also can’t wait to share this journey with you, whoever you are. So be on the look out starting this June for my Prude Ranch adventures! ADIOS Y VAYA CON DIOS!


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Last post for PR Publications

Wow! I cannot believe that this semester is actually over! Seems like the first time I did an assignment for this class wasn’t all that ago. I have to say I really enjoyed taking this class. The lab intensive format was very different for me, but I got a lot out it. I learn a lot better when I can actually experience what I’m supposed to be doing instead of taking notes on it. So the fact that we actual got to do assignments and learn basic skills that way was so much better for me. I wish more classes were this way because the skills we’re supposed to learning as PR professionals will stick better with students. If we can experience things and learn from our mistakes I feel like we will be better prepared for the tasks we will have to perform when we graduate.

I became a lot more efficient in inDesign than I was before. Adam was very helpful in showing us shortcuts that I had never known before when I worked with it in High School. Although I had worked with inDesign before Adam was much more knowledgeable and easy going than the teacher I had before so he was easier to learn from. I also found that the way I worked with inDesign was a lot different. Since I had more freedom to create what I wanted I created things that were a lot different than before.

I will admit that writing for a public audience was hard. Although I am a PR major I find writing is the most difficult thing we do and we do it A LOT. Trying to choose the right words and placing it in the right place is really hard. It’s also exactly why some people pay other people to do it for them. (i.e. Why our profession exists) But I found that with the progression of the class I became more and more confident in my writing and in my designs. I definitely plan on keep up with this website and blog so I can continue to write.

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Advertising Campaign

For this last assignment in my PR Publications class we were asked to make up our own assignment. I decided to make my “students” make a small advertising campaign. I decided to do this because I have recently had to make several ads for my internship and it was difficult to know where to start. So I feel like the next Publications class should at least touch on the basics and thought process behind advertisements so students have a basic knowledge.

The assignment will require students to pick an organization and decide what type of campaign to make for them. For example if a student chose a certain nonprofit they could make a campaign for their upcoming fundraising gala. The assignment will require them to make three different parts in inDesign. The first part will be a full page ad (8.5 x 11). The second will be a half page ad (8.5 x 5.5). The third will be a direct mailer that could be sent out to promote the campaign as well, also half page.

After the students make the campaign they will have to fill out a sheet that breaks down who their audience is and what influences them. Then they will write a blog post explaining how they made the campaign, the specific design elements that they used and how they feel that design will tie into their target audience.

The difficulty rating I would give this assignment is a 3, because coming up with a campaign might be a little tough. But once the student chooses an audience and a look for one ad the other two parts will not be very difficult.

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