Chapter 3

I really enjoyed this chapter because I feel like I really understood the idea of personality and persona but didn’t know what to call it.  It makes sense that your sight needs to mirror the personality of your organization so that it properly reflects your purpose.

OU for example uses a very consistent persona in all it’s publications. The fonts and design feature make for a very traditional and almost “throwback” type vibe. This works for OU because of the rich history it has in sports and all its historic success.

OSU is sort of the opposite. They have only recently had success in sports and come into money for their program. Despite using “Cowboys” for their mascot, their publications and their website is very cutting edge. They use ultra modern thin font that is streamlined and simple. Their site is heavy on video and multimedia content.

Notre Dame is a good example. They are know for being the ultra traditional and historic and they make sure their online persona matches that.

I just think it’s cool that this concept is so clear and yet I just hadn’t ever really thought about it. It makes me more aware and notice this more often.

The chapter mentioned that sometimes your site’s persona will make people have a negative reaction and that it is ok. I know you can’t please everyone but I don’t see how this can be a positive because you are losing potential clients/fans/consumers. The book obviously knows more than I do but I kind of disagreed with the idea that it could be a positive for people to have a negative response to your sight’s persona.


Originally posted at Wes Moody PR Publications