Chapter 4: Emotional Engagement

The start of the chapter immediately engaged me because it was like dejavu. Earlier today I was driving around the city and my favorite song came on the radio. I remember thinking, “It’s so much better when I hear it spontaneously like this!” Consequently, I found the remainder of the chapter very intriguing. The entire concept of surprise and memory imprint is definitely something to think about in terms of web design. In fact, making a lasting impression in a split second should be, I think, a top goal during the website creation process. Therefore, I found the author’s explanation of how to achieve this goal very helpful. I had never previously thought of how to reach this phenomena on purpose, so I thought this information was very interesting. Furthermore, the Photojojo explanation made this seemingly complicated process seem legitimately achievable.

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed the way the author mentioned statements from previous chapters. As a writer myself, tying in the thesis to create a complete, organized piece is my favorite style of writing. Seeing the Wufoo example from Chapter 1 reintroduced and utilized in a new way for this chapter was excellent. I also found it paralleled nicely with the course, as we just discussed MailChimp for our current assignment. Lastly, I liked the overall emphasis on psychology found in this chapter. Exploring emotional response was an excellent way to fine tune my psychological skillset.


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