Chapter 4: Emotional Engagement

I was most interested in the section of this chapter that dealt with the personal touch. Getting a had written letter has always been a delight for people but the more communication become digital, the more that personal touch will matter.

It almost seems like getting something personalized means more now just because it is so rare. To get something personal from a  digital source like Wufoo is particularly striking. The irony of it almost strengthens the impact.

In the sports world it would be great if you could track the users on your site and email list who most interact with your communications, or maybe who donate the most money or buy the most tickets and write them a note like the one Wufoo sent out. Getting something like that from the athletic director or a coach would mean a lot to a fan and cement the loyalty of an already valuable user.

The chapter also sent a lot of time discussing the mail chimp mascot and it occurred to me that athletic departments are missing out on a chance to use their mascots in a similar way. OU could use their pony mascot in a similar way to mail chimp to personalize and humorize peoples’ interactions on the site. I would imagine they could get similar reactions that mailchimp got. They may even get more positive responses because people are way more emotionally tied their favorite sports teams than they are to a web site. This is definitely an idea that I am going to hang onto for the future.

Originally posted at Wes Moody PR Publications