Forgiveness – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Forgiveness

I thought it was interesting that this website talked about the benefits of having a website that can be forgiven if anything were to go wrong. To me, it sounds like having good PR for your PR. Go figure.
One thing I had never thought about was the idea to distract users from any temporary site problem by creating fun and enjoyable activities to do as an alternative–as shown in the Flickr example. “Flickr users remember the fun they had participating in the coloring contest, and for some, how great it was to win a free year of Pro service.”
Although I agree that “emotional engagement can help us look past the most serious infractions”, I’m not sure if that’s the case with every website. For instance, the University of Oklahoma website Ozone, is down almost all the time when several students are on at once. This usually happens around the last couple days before school starts which is when students need to get on the most. However, just because their website sucks, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going to OU or even stop referring back to the website.

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