Design Blitz

There are many elements that make a great design. Color, typography, symbols, minimalism, as well as form and function must all be in accordance in order for the design to be considered flawless.

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Color can tell a whole entire story by itself. Here is an example of a huge color spectrum that can be used in a design. Vibrant colors such as bright red, yellow or orange can convey energy, happiness or even power. Other colors such as darker ones like blue or black are more solemn and send a message of sadness or even seriousness.

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Typography works with color and the overall design to help convey whatever message that is being put out there. Like color, typography can help convey emotion and is more than just the type of font. For example, in this image the word not only says Beautiful but the typography helps convey that message. The font and style it is written in is actually itself beautiful which helps to reinforce the message.

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Symbols and metaphors help convey messages in a quick and easy fashion for the reader or whoever is looking at the piece of work. They are useful in design when trying to get a point across without typing a whole paragraph. For instance, it is easier to have this sign posted then to have a sign that states “this road will be slippery if it is wet.”

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A good goal for any web designer, or any designer of anything for that matter is to do as much as possible with as little as possible. Minimalism is key to any good design. Shelton Flemming, a London based live event and exhibition agency, does it well with its website picture above. A simpler message “turning ideas into experiences” is portrayed with just a couple of words and an arrow. From here the person visiting the website can click and get access to a bundle of information.

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Creative design is crucial but the specific design has to also convey to the user how it is supposed to be used and what it is supposed to be used for. Good form and functionality with any design is another crucial need. These vases pictured above have a very unique aesthetically pleasing design to them but also convey to the viewer what they are supposed to be used for by not being over the top with any particular attributes.

Originally posted at Spenser Hicks's Blog