Designing for Emotion: Chapter 2

Walter’s second chapter in Designing for Emotion is titled ‘Designing for Humans.’

The main subject of chapter two is discussing what appeals to people aesthetically. Walter discusses how we, as humans, develop emotional connections to beautiful things. He opens by referring to the baby-face bias and discussing his own experiences as a parent, but goes on to detail how we are hardwired to find the same range of features aesthetically attractive. Walter touches on the golden ratio and how humans are hardwired to search out things that are similarly proportioned.

I had never really thought to look at visual design this way. I had always thought that there was never any real reason why I liked any design over any other besides personal taste. I suppose viewing designs and objects with the golden ratio in mind will change my perspective.

Despite Walter’s arguments for the golden ratio and aesthetic appeal, he followed these by using Ricardo Mestra’s web site as an example. I didn’t lime Mestra’s design. It seemed too busy and too cluttered to me. I have always been a fan of minimalism and Mestra’s loud design contrasted against that.

I have never been the most visually inclined person, but I believe that using the golden ratio in my design will help me improve my skills.

Originally posted at Nick Edwards