Designing for Emotion Chapter 3 Blog Post

In chapter 3 of “Designing for Emotion” by Aarron Walter, it was so interesting to hear about the personality of the Volkswagen Beetle. I never thought that the car had a personality, it just had something that made me feel connected to the car. Now I understand that it is in fact, the cars personality that makes me smile back. I would have never thought that an inanimate object such as a car or a website could have a personality that would keep a driver or visitor coming back.

While this chapter is about personality, it is not necessarily our own personality we are trying to convey in our design. I agree with the quote, “User experience designers interview their audience, then create personas…” because you always have to remember that you are designing a personality that your specific target audience is searching for, a personality that they will connect with. Sometimes, I feel like we can get off track and try to put our own personalities into a product which may turn your target audience off.

The only thing in this chapter that I question or even disagree with, is Carbonmade’s approach. They decided to do “party up front, and business in the back.” I think that this approach worlds for some, but the childish design may not reach everyone they are trying to target. I believe that that most people are looking for a more sophisticated site to work with since many designers will be more focused on a polished look for their target. I think that Housing Works’ design was much more appropriate.

Originally posted at Claire White