Designing For Emotion – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Emotional Engagement

One of the first things the author mentions is that there are some instances that create lasting impressions. Good or bad. I had never really thought about was the impact that surprise has on our emotions. I could relate to the author when he mentioned the hearing-a-song-on-the-radio example, because I always put my iPod on shuffle when I’m listening to it, but I never thought about the “surprise” impact. Nor did I consider using that same appeal when designing.

The next things the author brings up is that the anticipation is important as well. Although, I agree that this creates a sense of excitement, I’m not sure I understand how the author means to use it in design for websites…maybe Twitter could pull it off, but it’s also a one of the most popular website of the time. That’s the only thing I would disagree with.

I like that the author describes the natural reactions to these surprises and how to use them to the designers advantage without “deceiving” or “tricking” the viewer. Something I also liked was–later on–when the author suggests saying “you may” instead of “you must”. I know from experience that if people are forced to change, they will react negatively.

I also thought it was comforting to hear that you won’t always get it right the first couple times, but that it’s ok. “When you hit your mark, the benefits are big.”

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