Designing for Emotion- Chapter 5

Chapter 5 in Designing for Emotion is called Overcoming Obstacles. The chapter is mainly about overcoming all the reasons why people may choose to no like your brand or use your product. This chapter talked about the three reasons you have to overcome to convince people to use your product. Those reasons are emotional ties, laziness, and apathy.

Something that I did not agree with the author with on how people make what we call “gut decisions” or decisions based purely on emotion. Walter first talked about how we make everyday decisions like what we are wearing just because we feel like it. He then compared this to the decision making process about the products or services we use. If something doesn’t “feel” right we tend not to use it. Although I do agree with this partial I do not think we make decisions on products solely based on emotions. For example I do not buy into a product until I read reviews on it or have read more about what I am thinking about purchasing. It is not all about making it “feel right.” You have to be selling a reliable and functional product or people’s gut feeling about your product will not last.

What I did like about this chapter is how at the end Walter talks about failure. As beginning designers it is important to know that there are times where are designs are not going to have the affect we want them to and that’s ok! What you need to do when this happens is go back, look at your brand, and make sure it is conveying the right message. You have to make sure your design is making the right emotional connection, along with being functional, and reliable.

Originally posted at Mary Morton- PR Publications Course